Cost of Full Mouth Covering in Antalya

Getting Full Mouth Covering in Antalya

Antalya dental clinics offer more affordable prices than clinics in the UK and other European countries. In addition, low operating costs in Turkey allow patients to benefit from treatments from world-famous brands at more affordable prices. Visiting a Turkish clinic in Antalya saves patients up to seventy percent. The treatment is completed in only five days and three sessions, and patients can return home after completing their treatment during the vacation.

Metal Porcelain Crowns Full Veneers in Antalya

A dental aesthetic method called metal porcelain crowns full veneer in Antalya is performed by using metal core porcelain crowns. Such coatings are very popular due to their durability and ability to offer aesthetics. The metal core preserves the tooth’s properties and the porcelain veneer mimics the natural tooth appearance. It is usually applied to the back and sides of the mouth, and a black line can be seen on the gums when you smile. Full veneer means the entire tooth is covered and may require multiple visits.

Zirconium Porcelain Crowns in Antalya

In a dental clinic in Antalya, the cost of a zirconium crown for a full mouth starts from 1999 €. In this veneer option, a porcelain crown is attached to a white metal core. Thanks to its zirconium base, it always offers a white appearance on the gum line. Also, since it is free of amalgam and nickel, it causes no health problems and does not need to be replaced. They are suitable for use all over the house due to their durability and aesthetic appearance.


Antalya Dental Clinics 
Antalya Dental Clinics


E-max Crowns Full Coverings in Antalya

E-Max crowns in Antalya are made of lithium ceramic materials. This option requires less tooth preparation than other options as it requires tooth preparation and can be customized using the CEREC® computer system. Since E-Max crowns do not have a metal alloy base, there is no gray line to be seen around your gums and there is no health risk. However, it is not suitable to be applied to the back and sides of the mouth as they do not have a solid foundation. Depending on the number of dentists in Antalya and their current situation, the number of visits required for a full E-Max crown application may vary.

How Many Visits Are Needed for Coatings in Antalya?

The number of visits required for veneers in Antalya may vary depending on the type of veneer to be applied and the patient’s dental condition. Generally, 2 to 3 visits are required for veneers. At the first visit, the condition of your teeth is evaluated and the veneer option is selected. In the second visit, your teeth are prepared and veneered. In the third visit, the final control is made and additional necessary adjustments are made. However, several additional visits may be required in certain situations. You should meet with your doctor to determine the most appropriate number of visits for you.



Laminate Coatings in Antalya

Laminate veneers in Antalya is a teeth whitening procedure performed by a dentist. This process aims to improve the appearance of your teeth and give them a whiter appearance. Laminated veneers are applied to the upper surface of the teeth and change the appearance of the tooth. It is usually completed in one or two sessions and is done by the dentist. Laminated veneers do not show the gingival line and do not impair gingival health. However, it should be handled carefully by the dentist because of its long-term side effects and the need for care.

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