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How Much is Smile Design in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a cost-effective alternative to dental desing and aims to value its patients individually. The quality of treatment and patient comfort are always prioritized and it is aimed that patients receive treatment in a comfortable and safe environment. It also offers the opportunity to visit the beauties and historical places of Istanbul, which allows patients to combine their vacation and treatment experience.

What are the Criteria for Smile Design in Istanbul?

Smile aesthetics requires the teeth to be proportional to each other and to the face, and certain aesthetic criteria must be followed. Factors such as tooth sizing, spaces between teeth, symmetry and condition of the gums, visibility of the teeth during smiling, symmetry of the midline, condition of the gums, lettering, proper examination of the gums and smile design are taken into account. Istanbul’s digital smile design enables the patient to design according to the smile aesthetic criteria according to his needs.

Is Smile Design or Smile Aesthetics Special for Every Patient in Istanbul?

The patient’s wishes and expectations should also be taken into account during the smile design process. He may want a certain smile style or he may want to have a certain tooth shape. The treatment plan should be created in accordance with the needs and wishes of the patient. Since smile aesthetics is a personal preference, it is very important to clearly understand what patients want and expect.

What is the Procedure for Smile Design in Istanbul?

Patient preferences should also be evaluated during the design process. While some patients may want white teeth, others may desire a natural look. The aesthetic dentist will offer the most suitable options, taking into account the patient’s preferences, smile shape and facial proportions. Digital smile design allows the patient to have many options to meet their expectations and the design is shown to the patient first. Thus, the patient will have the opportunity to see the results of the design in advance and additionally state their wishes.

What Does Pink Aesthetics Mean in Smile Design?

Other factors to be considered during smile aesthetics are:

• The amount and ratio of the space between the upper and lower teeth

• Protrusion of the upper teeth

• Symmetrical line between the upper and lower teeth

• Recession or protrusion of the gums

• Contamination of teeth

• Wear of teeth or gum disease

All of these factors are interconnected and should be examined during smile aesthetics. For a correct smile design, it is recommended to be done by a dentist and dental esthetician.


Smile Design
Smile Design


Which Treatment Procedures Are Used When It comes to Istanbul Smile Design?

When it comes to smile design in Istanbul, the following treatment procedures can be applied:

Whitening: Teeth whitening procedures can be applied to remove discolorations in the mouth.

Closure: Tooth reconstruction can be done to cover holes, cavities or tooth defects.

Filling: Dental filling materials can be applied to remove dental caries.

Dental Veneer: Dental veneer can be applied to correct the appearance and shape of the tooth.

Maxillofacial Surgery: Maxillofacial surgery can be performed to eliminate tissue disorders in the mouth.

Orthodontic Treatment: Orthodontic treatment can be applied to correct tooth alignment disorders.

These treatment procedures should be selected according to the needs of the patient and the goals of smile aesthetics, and the necessary recommendations of the dentist should be taken during the application.

Do Age and Gender Have a Role in Smile Design?

In smile design, age and gender are evaluated according to the patient’s wishes and goals. However, in general, factors such as the visibility of the gums and the discoloration of the teeth with age can affect the smile design. Gender is also evaluated according to the patient’s smile goals and aesthetic expectations. For example, male patients may generally want a harder and stronger-looking smile, while female patients may aim for a more delicate and full-looking smile. However, this is only a general trend and each patient may have a different smile target and aesthetic expectation.

How Much Are Smile Design Prices in Istanbul?

The dentist will consider many factors such as the patient’s dental and gingival health, dental arrangement, existing dental work, and targeted results. The cost of smile design also depends on factors such as the length and complexity of dental aesthetic procedures and the price of required materials. It is recommended to have a conversation with your dentist after the examination to make a personalized pricing. Smile design prices in Istanbul start from 1999 € on average.

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