Cost of Smile Aesthetics in Antalya, Turkey

How Much is Smile Aesthetics in Antalya?

The price of smile aesthetics in Antalya starts from 1999 Euro. However, the price can vary according to a person’s need and desire. For example, factors such as the scope of the operations to be performed, the techniques to be applied and the materials to be used may affect the price. In addition, the experience and quality of the doctor to be applied may also affect the price. Therefore, you can contact our company for the most accurate and most affordable price.

What Exactly Is Smile Makeup?

Smile make-up is an aesthetic procedure that can be applied on teeth and gums. This procedure is performed to eliminate aesthetic problems such as tooth color, shape, size, irregular tooth cavities and to improve the overall appearance of the smile. It can use many different techniques such as smile make-up, teeth whitening, tooth staining, improving or closing the integrity of the teeth, gingival editing, correcting the shape of the teeth.

This process can be done using various materials such as fillings, porcelain veneers, porcelain laminates and can usually be completed in a single session. However, in some cases, more than one session may be required and the teeth should be carefully looked after for a certain period of time after the smile make-up.

Smile Aesthetic Treatments in Antalya

Smile aesthetic treatments in Antalya include aesthetic procedures on teeth and gums. These treatments may include:

Teeth whitening: It is a procedure to remove pigmentations that cause teeth to fade due to excessive smoking, coffee, tea and other foods.

Tooth staining: It is a process performed to make the color of the teeth lighter and more vivid.

Porcelain veneers: It is a process used to change the shape, size and colors of the teeth.

Closure procedures: It is a procedure performed to reduce the visibility of tooth cavities that are not completed with fractures, cavities or fillings.

Correction of tooth shape: It is a procedure performed to correct irregular tooth shapes.

All of these treatments can use different materials and techniques and can be tailored to a person’s needs. In addition, factors such as a person’s dental health, tooth structure and the appearance of their teeth are also effective in choosing treatments. It is recommended that you consult a smile aesthetic specialist for more information on which of the smile aesthetic treatments would be best.


Smile Aesthetic
Smile Aesthetic


Getting a Treatment Plan for Smile Aesthetics in Antalya

You can follow the steps below to get a treatment plan for smile aesthetics in Antalya:

Examination by a specialist dentist: Consult a specialist dentist for smile aesthetics. It is important that the doctor who will administer the treatment is experienced and qualified.

Counseling meeting: In this meeting, talk about the appearance of your teeth, share your expectations and concerns, and ask your doctor to tell you what treatment is appropriate for you.

Treatment plan: Your doctor will offer you an appropriate treatment plan, taking into account your dental health, tooth structure and expectations.

Implementation of the treatment: When your treatment plan is determined, an appointment is made by your doctor for its implementation.

Smile aesthetic treatments in Antalya can improve the appearance and personal safety of the teeth when applied by an appropriate treatment plan and a specialist dentist.

Cost of Smile Aesthetics in Antalya

The cost of smile aesthetics in Antalya may vary depending on the type of treatment, the techniques to be applied and the length of the treatment. On average, smile aesthetic treatments start at 1999 Euros. However, the price varies according to the treatment to be taken. The cost of smile aesthetics in Antalya is quite affordable compared to other countries.

Antalya Smile Aesthetics After Care

In Antalya, care after smile aesthetics is important for the success of the treatment and to maintain its long-term results. The following steps can give an idea about how to care after smile aesthetics:

Pain control: In the first days of treatment, pain and swelling may occur. For these conditions, follow the pain control methods given by your doctor.

Tooth brushing: Brush your teeth carefully and softly after the treatment. Use toothpaste and brush recommended by your doctor for brushing.

Using dental floss: It is important to clean the gums using dental floss after the treatment.

Food and drink restrictions: Avoid foods and drinks that will damage your teeth after treatment. Get information from your doctor about the food and beverage restrictions after the treatment.

Control appointments: It is important to go to regular control appointments determined by your doctor after the treatment. In this way, the results of the treatment and, if necessary, the necessary additional treatments can be provided.

In Antalya, care after smile aesthetics is important for the success of the treatment and to maintain its long-term results. Following your doctor’s recommendations and doing the right care after the treatment will keep your teeth looking beautiful and healthy.

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