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Hollywood Smile allows many people to perform aesthetic dental treatment and offers a beautiful smile design to the teeth of the patients. It can also be used to solve problems caused by dental diseases and strengthen your teeth.

What Can a Hollywood Smile Fix?

Hollywood Smile is a type of cosmetic dental treatment that aims to improve the appearance of teeth. These treatments can be done to correct the shape, color, size, spacing and smoothness of the teeth.

Changing the color of the teeth: Bleaching can be used to lighten the color of the teeth in the mouth.

Straight teeth: Having straight teeth makes teeth look more beautiful.

Closing the gaps: Gaps and gaps distort the smile image. In this case, the gaps need to be closed.

Changing the shape and size of the teeth: The shape and size of the teeth can determine the appearance of a smile. Therefore, treatments can be done to improve tooth shape and size.

Hollywood Smile treatments can be used to solve these and similar problems.

Techniques Used in Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile, various aesthetic dental treatment techniques can be used. Among these techniques; teeth whitening, porcelain caps, adhesions and dental laminates.

Teeth Whitening: It is one of the most commonly used techniques in the treatment of Hollywood Smile. Thanks to this technique, stains and discolorations on the teeth are erased and the whiteness of the teeth is increased.

Porcelain Caps: This technique is used to hide fractures, cracks or defects of teeth. Caps are applied over the teeth and the appearance of the teeth is corrected.

Adhesions: This technique is used to correct the esthetically damaged parts of the teeth. Adhesions are adhered to the teeth and the shape of the teeth is changed.

Dental Laminates: This technique is the application of porcelain layers on the teeth. Porcelain layers improve the appearance of the teeth and protect the teeth.

All of these techniques can be used according to the needs and wishes of the patients.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implant placement is a treatment method used to correct the missing teeth of patients with tooth loss. Dental implant placement, a titanium screw implant is placed in the tooth bone. After the implant has healed to the bone, an aesthetic tooth is attached to the implant. Implants are one of the most widely used methods to fill the gaps caused by tooth loss and prevent the deterioration of the toothed bone, thanks to its feature that protects the toothed bone.

Placement of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a technique used in the aesthetic and functional correction of damaged, worn, missing or deformed teeth. Dental crowns are in the form of specially designed caps placed on the tooth, produced from materials suitable for the texture of the mouth. While the caps improve the appearance and function of the tooth, they also strengthen the weak structure of the tooth. Dental crowns are a widely used technique in Hollywood Smile treatments and can help patients add aesthetic and functional beauty to their teeth.

Why Should I Get a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Since dentists in Turkey are also highly skilled and experienced, it is possible to consult a professional you trust during treatment. If you have concerns about the treatment process and its results, your doctor will answer all your questions and offer you the best solutions. In addition, dental clinics in Turkey are equipped with modern equipment and aim to provide the best service to their patients. Having dental implant treatment in Turkey provides you with financial advantages and can also provide you with a successful result.


Antalya Hollywood Smile
Antalya Hollywood Smile

Aesthetic Dentistry in Turkey

Turkey is a popular tourist destination for aesthetic dentistry. Aesthetic dentistry is quite common in Turkey and therefore there are many specialist aesthetic dentists. Aesthetic dentistry treatments include hollywood smile, teeth whitening, dental implants, dental crowns, dental inlay/onlay treatments. Aesthetic dentistry treatments in Turkey are offered at very affordable prices and also offer extremely high quality results. Patients abroad prefer to receive aesthetic dentistry treatments in Turkey in a quality and economical way.

How Much Does Hollywood Make Prices In Turkey Laugh?

Prices may vary according to the needs and wishes of each patient. In addition, the experience of the physician, the clinic to be treated and the quality of the materials used may also affect the prices.

Istanbul Hollywood Smile Prices

There are many tourism and aesthetic dentistry centers in Istanbul. Hollywood smile treatments are performed in these centers with up-to-date technologies and expert team. While doing hollywood smile treatment in Istanbul, you can also visit the city and benefit from tourism.

Because each patient’s teeth are different, prices may also vary per patient. The price will be determined according to factors such as the condition of the teeth to be treated, their diseases, which techniques will be used. Hollywood Smile Design Prices in Istanbul start from 1999 € on average.

Antalya Hollywood Smile Prices

Hollywood Smile Design prices in Antalya start from 19990 €. However, these prices may vary as each patient’s needs and situations are different.

Izmir Hollywood Smile Prices

Hollywood smile design prices in Izmir start from 1999 € on average. However, these prices vary depending on the patient’s dental condition, the materials required for the treatment, the length of the treatment and the choice of the clinic. In order to determine the price of the treatment, an examination by a dentist is required first. The materials and equipment required to determine the price of the treatment may vary according to factors such as the length of the treatment and the patient’s dental condition.

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