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Top Common Medical Tourism Surgeries in Turkey

In this blog, you will get short bio about the most dominant medical tourism surgeries in Turkey where all patients visit Turkey to perform them professionally.

Dental Implant & Hollywood Smile:

Generally, the Dental Implant cost is relatively high. Their unit prices are almost two times as expensive as those of zirconium crowns. This is because they are the most similar thing to a natural tooth and the procedure lasts a very long time. A whole mouth dental implant might be highly expensive in other nations. In contrast, Turkey’s Dental Implant costs are considerably less expensive than those in other countries. We at Ask Medicals are able to schedule appointments quickly. It is sufficient to notify us within 2-3 days, but ideally you should do so within 1-2 weeks so that we can effectively assist you in organizing the therapy.

Hollywood Smile is a procedure used to restore the natural and aesthetic look of teeth and gums that have lost it due to a variety of factors. The patient’s face shape, mouth structure, tooth, and gum structure are examined prior to starting treatment, and the findings are taken into account to produce the appearance that is most natural. Simply, Hollywood Smile is an interdisciplinary application that involves redesigning the patient’s lips, chin, face structure, and expectations while also taking into consideration the patient’s dental and gingival aesthetics, which deteriorate for a variety of reasons. Hollywood Smile insures:

  • Natural Appearance
  • Pre-Treatment Result
  • Health and Aesthetic Integrity

Hair Transplant:

Hair transplantation is a long-lasting, all-natural solution for people who are experiencing thinning and balding problems as a result of hair loss. In order to transplant hair, non-shedding hair follicles from the patient’s nape are collected and placed into canals made in bald regions. Hair transplantation must be performed by a skilled team for a natural appearance.

In Istanbul, there are numerous hospitals that conduct hair transplants, but none of them are as experienced or well-known as Ask Medicals. By concentrating on helping their patients at every stage, from consultations to outlining travel schedules for Hair Transplantation in Istanbul, they have been able to create pleasant results to improve your appearance. This is due to their skill in handling end-to-end processes and monitoring operations.

Never be afraid to begin the transition to heavier, more natural hair. Never hesitate to start your journey to more natural heavy hair looks with Ask Medicals.


Organ Transplantation:

Organ Transplantation in Turkey has achieved great successes and progressed thanks to advanced medical facilities and modern technologies used in Organ Transplantation, making Turkey one of the developed countries that attract patients for the purpose of medical tourism. In Organ Transplants in particular, it offers various programs for human Organ Transplantation such as kidney transplantation, heart transplantation, cornea transplantation, pancreas transplantation, and others.

Organ Transplantation is a multidisciplinary study, requiring medical clinics, laboratories, imaging units, inpatient units and many more clinics to work together before and after an organ transplant. Only health institutions like Ask Medicals that have completed this study can perform transplants.

Cancer Treatment:

Turkey offers a wide range of Cancer Treatment. Depending on the type of cancer you have and how far it has spread, you will have a variety of treatment choices. Some cancer sufferers will only need one type of treatment. However, the majority of patients receive a mix of therapies, such as surgery combined with chemotherapy and/or radiation. Other choices include hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.

The cheapest Cancer Treatment expenses can be found in Turkey, a popular medical tourism destination. One of the best places to travel is Istanbul, which also provides the best cancer care at a fair price. Ask Medicals offers the same cancer therapy modalities at a reasonable price.

Gastric Sleeve:

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul is significantly less than in many other nations. Expert medical care and affordable living are essential.

Numerous hospitals in Istanbul are internationally accredited and furnished with cutting-edge medical equipment. In comparison to the United States, Canada, or Europe, patients can save up to 70% on the price of a gastric sleeve in Turkey.

Age, gender, starting weight, and other variables can all affect how much weight a person loses. Therefore, it is essential to follow the suggested lifestyle adjustments to guarantee that weight loss is successful.

Gastric Clip

To stay in shape, doctors frequently suggest a gastric sleeve diet. They frequently suggest altering your diet permanently and engaging in regular exercise to reduce the likelihood of reversal.

Rhinoplasty “Nose Lifting”:

Nowadays, Rhinoplasty Turkey is frequently used in cosmetic procedures. The goal of this procedure is to provide the patient a nose structure that is in harmony with his or her face and is authorized by them.

Before having surgery on the nose, the patient should discuss with their doctor what kind of nose structure they want. It can also be described as procedures carried out to guarantee optimal and problem-free breathing function.

You may have Rhinoplasty surgery to address both your functional and esthetic demands. During a Rhinoplasty procedure, conditions that negatively influence your ability to breathe, such as deviation and concha hypertrophy, may be removed while your nose is made to have the best shape for your face.



One of the most well-known restorative procedures performed today is the facelift in Turkey. In Turkey, several people often have facelift surgeries. This medical procedure’s main objective is to give your facial skin a smooth, youthful appearance.

Sun damage, stress, lack of sleep, and pollution are the current fundamental causes of skin aging, and they can significantly exacerbate the appearance of aging on the face. However, cosmetic hospitals and clinics can help you rejuvenate your face so that it seems younger and more attractive. In order to help you feel better and look better, we have the best and most cutting-edge technology as well as the top specialists.

You might expect to pay anywhere from $3,500 USD to just over $5,000 USD for a facelift procedure in Turkey. This is the query that arises in everyone’s thoughts. Why is a facelift in Turkey so affordable? This is true for good reasons. Prices are frequently one-third less than they are in Europe or the US, medical facilities are frequently of the highest caliber, and doctors have specialized training in certain aesthetic operations.


Filler Treatment:

Our skin undergoes some modifications over time. The sagging of the face, chin, and neck region and the development of wrinkles are caused by the loosening and loss of water in our connective tissues, the reduction of bone structures, and the impact of gravity. Filling solutions are employed to restore volume lost with aging and time as well as to add volume or clarity to a particular area. It is a fantastic solution for individuals who wish to acquire a youthful appearance by reducing the visibility of facial lines and wrinkles to get rid of indicators of aging.


Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL):

A series of procedures known as the Brazilian Butt Lift and BBL Turkey are used to give female hips a larger and rounder contour. Women increasingly desire a smaller waist and larger, rounder hips as a result of shifting attitudes toward the body and beauty in today’s society.

Social networking in particular has entrenched people’s impressions of their bodies and elevated their drive for perfection.

With a Brazilian butt lift, the patient has the chance to achieve the appropriate body proportions by giving their butt the right shape and forming the required waistline.

The patient’s physique must be viewed as a whole, and it must be remembered that slimming the waist will make the butt appear fuller.

Medical tourism abroad

Breast Augmentation:

The most popular cosmetic procedure worldwide is breast augmentation, sometimes known as “Breast Implant Placement”. A modest breast prosthesis that seeks to improve the breast’s volume is positioned there.

Without affecting the mammary gland, the plastic surgeon can put the breast prosthesis in front of, behind, or even in a mixed position. Our surgeons in Turkey choose the ideal prosthesis based on the state of the breast.

A breast lift, intended for sagging breasts and ladies with breast ptosis, can be done with a breast augmentation.

Start Your Medical Trip With The Professional Medical Staff At Ask Medicals

Consultation Phase

Our devoted team will get in touch with you and respond to all of your inquiries. Help will be given to you so that you may determine what is best for your situation. As a result, we’ll make sure you achieve the outcomes you’re hoping for!

Planning Phase

Our Coordination Team has already scheduled your appointments and bookings as part of our effort to ensure that your vacation runs as smoothly and trouble-free as possible.

Transportation Phase

Both when you arrive at Istanbul Airport and when you depart the nation, a full fleet of contemporary and comfortable vehicles is available to you.

Accommodation Phase

You can choose from a wide selection of opulent Istanbul hotels thanks to the assistance of your consultant, which is FREE!

Medical Follow-Up Phase

We stay in touch with you and respond to your inquiries even after the operation. In order to provide the best and most satisfactory outcomes, we also offer you words of wisdom and medical direction.


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