What is Smile Design and Why is Smile Design Cheap in Turkey?

Smile Design is applied in the field of dentistry to change the shape, size and color of the teeth according to the expectations and needs of the patients. Smile-design allows to improve the appearance of the teeth and the spaces between the teeth. The Hollywood smile is also a smile design and is applied to help patients achieve a more beautiful and more beautiful smile. The smile-design process can be done by changing the open or closed tooth cavities, the size, shape and color of the teeth. As a result, patients get a more aesthetic and more attractive smile.

Are the Materials Used for Smile Design Original?

Turkey is a very developed country in the field of dentistry and uses high-tech equipment to provide world-class services. This enables patients to receive better quality service and offers affordable treatments at low costs. Competition in the dentistry sector in Turkey increases the opportunities that patients can benefit from and increases the number of dental clinics that provide quality service.


Smile Design
Smile Design


Is It Possible To Take A Vacation While Having Smile Design?

It is possible to take a vacation while having a Smile-Design, and many patients use it as an opportunity. Izmir, one of Turkey’s tourism centers, allows you to discover its unique natural beauties and historical places while having a smile-design.

Patients should stay in the clinic for a certain period of time for smile-design and go to daily examinations. During this process, patients can also take a vacation and visit the touristic centers of Izmir. There are all kinds of local and international food and beverage venues in İzmir and you can do various outdoor activities. You can also visit historical and touristic areas such as Ephesus, Birgi, Cesme, Urla and Foça.

However, the patient needs daily check-ups and proper care for the correct use of the materials used during the smile design process and the effective results of the treatment. Therefore, it is worth noting that it is possible to take a vacation during the holidays, but you need to continue to adhere to the smile-design process carefully.

In addition, it is important to consider the restrictions and prohibitions set by your doctor so that activities to be done during the holiday do not affect the effectiveness of the design. As a result, it is possible to take a vacation while having a smile-design, but the patient must comply carefully in terms of the smile-design process and the effectiveness of the treatment.

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