Dental Implant in Turkey: Cost & Procedure 2023

Dental Implant in Turkey:

This blog is written for those are seeking to know all relevant details about Dental Implant in Turkey. Knowing how much dental implants cost requires a grasp of the quality and technological alternatives available. You will know how much dental implants cost in Turkey at Ask Medicals.

The most affordable and effective treatment for tooth loss is to have dental implants in Turkey. The cost of dental implants in Turkey is thousands of dollars higher than it is in the US or the UK. With just one dental implant, especially for those in the UK, you can justifiably make the quick trip to Turkey for both the vacation and the dental treatment.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants, which depend on your bones providing a strong support, are often made of titanium, which is very biocompatible and rare to develop allergies to.

After the abutments are installed, you may only think of your dental implants as new roots; however, the dental implant process is not yet complete; you still need to recuperate.

Typically, you can complete your implant procedure in two to three months, have your crown fitted, and have brand-new, attractive, and healthy teeth.

Which Cases Can Dental Implants Be Used?

All kinds of lost teeth can be replaced by implants. Without affecting the healthy tooth next to it, a dental implant can be utilized to replace a lost tooth. Dental implants can be utilized to treat permanent dentures rather than removable dentures in situations where more than one tooth is lost. Dental implants can be used to treat fixed dentures rather than full dentures (palate) in situations where there are no teeth remaining in the mouth. When there are no more teeth in the mouth, implants can be used to support a removable denture and increase its retention, which will stop the denture from moving.

Who Is The Dental Implants Candidate?

Dental implants are an option for any patient with good general health. Only the jaw’s bony components are appropriate for this. The success of the implant is positively impacted by the patient’s suitable bone structure. A stable jawbone of a specific thickness and size is required for dental implants to last a long time. If there is not enough bone tissue, repeated bone insertions and soft tissue surgery might be used to prepare the bone structure for implant implantation. In young people with immature bone development, implants are not recommended. Between the ages of 16 and 17 for girls and 18 for boys, bone development continues. Adults of any age are eligible for implants. As their jawbone is melting and they are losing more teeth, older persons require more dental implants.

Dental Implant Cost in Turkey:

Turkish dental implant expenses range from $650 to $1,350 for the best implant brand, Straumann Roxolid SLA Active. This covers the price of the implant, abutment, and zirconia porcelain crown—every component of a full tooth replacement. In the US, a full tooth swap would cost between $3,500 and $5,500. In the UK, therapy typically costs between 1500 and 6000 pounds.

The pricing comparison for dental implant procedures is out of control. The most expensive dental procedures are implants. Many people experience bill shock when they learn how much dental implants cost in the US and the UK. During therapy, you can pay additional costs that you are unaware of.

Only a portion of the expense of dental implants is shared by dentists (in the US, Canada, or the UK). If you are unaware of this, you might be shocked to hear that the cost of a single tooth replacement is higher than anticipated. Technical choices are always charged extra, as you’ll discover later.

What is the price of a dental implant? It’s crucial to understand that a full-mouth implant change typically consists of three elements:

  1. Implant: the primary component inserted into the bone. This component serves as the root.
  2. Abutment: the implant’s screwed-on component connects the crown and implant.
  3. A crown is a tooth-like structure.

Each component and step in the treatment of implants has a price in the majority of nations. For implant treatment in Turkey, you only pay the crown and implant costs.

“How much does the full dental implant cost, including implants, abutment, and crown?” should be the question you ask when given a pricing for dental implants.

How Much Are Dental Implants in Turkey?

You may get a streamlined estimate of the price of a dental implant from many dentists in Turkey. You receive all stages at the same dental facility, unlike the US or the UK. Dentists collaborate with one another in the dentistry facility. Specialist dentists who will perform the therapy co-plan each step at the initial examination. From the first examination until the last stage, everything that will be employed is decided upon together. The dental office and dentists are informed at every stage of your treatment if there is any distress.

In the US and the UK, if there is a problem with your dental implant, at least one dentist will have to admit error. Will you be able to identify the mistaken party in the event of implant failure and complications?


The price of dental implants in Turkey will be provided to you as a single amount, with the cost of both the implants and the crowns arranged as a single offer.

Your treatment needs are clearly explained to you, and the proper budget is then given. Nothing is surprising.

A formal contract is created with you when you consent to the treatment at Ask Medicals. You will receive your replacement teeth at no additional cost if you accept this treatment plan and reach the end of it.

It is the obligation of these Turkish dentists if your dental implant treatment is necessary for a procedure that is not specifically included in the contract. Only the signed contract that you currently have requires payment from you.

An illustration of how the price of implants differs between the US and Turkey:


Treatment & Cost Compare              In the US                             In Turkey

Zinedent Implant                                          $ 1800                               $ 400

Multi Abutment                                             $ 750                                $ 250

Zirconia Crown                                              1200 $                                  –

Total Cost                                                      $ 3750                               $ 650


How Much Does a Sinus Lift and Bone Transplant Cost in Turkey?

The implant location may need to be prepared using sophisticated surgical techniques. There are frequent treatments where you can pay more for bone therapy in addition to the price of dental implants in Turkey:

  • Bone grafting If you don’t have enough bone for implants, the Turkish specialist will graft bone during or before the placement of the implants. Bone inadequacies are displayed to you in the simulation software while you arrange the placement of your implants. Around the implant, the bone must be at least 1 mm thick.

To What Extent Dental Implant Are Successful?

For an implant to be successful, a proper diagnosis is essential. Additionally, there must be sufficient healing potential and a decent general condition of health. For instance, diabetes has an impact on the success of implants. The patient is responsible for completely and correctly cleaning and caring for the implant. The success of the implant is also impacted by the surgical technique carried out by the surgeon and the prosthesis affixed to the implant. Additionally, heavy drinking or smoking can have an impact on the success of an implant. The implant has a very high success rate of 98% when appropriately identified.

Medical Tourism in Turkey 

Dental Implant Risk Factors:

Dental implant insertion carries various health concerns, just like any surgical procedure. Problems are uncommon, and when they do arise, they are frequently simple to resolve. Possible issues with dental implants include:

  • The implant location being infected
  • Injury or damage to the nearby blood vessels, teeth, or jaw
  • Implant denial
  • Sinus issues when the upper jaw is positioned incorrectly
  • When the surgery is carried out by a skilled surgeon who meticulously cleans the treatment area and strategically puts the implants, these risks can be minimized. For instance, specific dental implant systems and bone grafts can raise the likelihood of implant success.

How much are you prepared to spend on a procedure and a dental crown. Make sure to contrast Turkey’s pricing with those offered by other countries. You need to find out what brand of implants and crowns they’ll be making.

Dental Implant at Ask Medicals:

Dental implant prices change to different brands where we at Ask Medicals work on 4 main categories of them:

  1. Turkish brans implants such as Nucleoss & Bilim and they have good quality implants and their price range between 180-250 Euro.
  2. Korean dental implants brand such as Osstemm, Megagen, & Dio where their price range between 275-325 Euro.
  3. German dental implants such as Bego is around 300 Euro.
  4. Swiss dental implants such as Straumann is around 600-800 Euro. There are some sub brands of Straumann implant like Medentika which is around 400 Euro and can be a good alternative to who want Straumann but cannot afford it.

Warning|| There are some imitated versions of the Swiss brand in the market such as Swiss IML…

SO, be careful what to choose and where they make the original Swiss or Imitated Swiss implant…

Which Dental Implant Brand Should I Choose?!

Actually, it`s up to your dental need. Some patient`s jaw bones are extremely weak, so this patient cannot choose cheap brands because it will not catch the bone and will fail as well. So, you need really high-quality brand like Korean or German ones.

If the patient’s jaw bones are thick and strong, so he\she can choose whatever brand even if it`s cheap and no problem will take a place. If he\she has a financial shortage, cheap brands are also ok in this case. Generally, the dentists will check panoramic I-ray and recommend the real need for your case.

Last point to pay attention for it when you are getting dental implant is the surgeon quality. It the surgeon was not really well-qualified, you won`t get any good results which later will be failed in a few years mostly.

Please get in touch with Ask Medicals in Turkey if you have any inquiries concerning dental implants in other countries that you would want us to address. We’d be pleased to let you know. Immediately WhatsApp us at +905368762377


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