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What is Unlimited Graft Hair Transplantation?

Unlimited graft transplantation hair is a hair transplantation procedure that is usually performed with a method called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This method is performed by removing and transplanting individual hair follicles.

Unlimited graft hair transplantation is usually performed in several sessions rather than one session. The grafts taken in the first session are not large enough to be used for the next session. However, thanks to the method used for unlimited graft hair transplantation, as many grafts can be taken as needed depending on the size of the area to be transplanted and the size of the donor area.

Unlimited graft hair transplantation can also be applied to patients in more advanced stages of hair loss problem. This procedure is also ideal for patients who do not have enough hair follicles for hair transplantation. However, the cost of this procedure may be higher compared to other hair transplantation methods and may differ depending on the size of the area to be transplanted and the degree of hair loss of the patient.

Who Is Hair Transplant Treatment Suitable For?

Hair transplant treatment can be suitable for anyone with hair loss and baldness. However, before deciding on hair transplant treatment, several factors should be considered.

Suitable candidates for hair transplant treatment are:

People with hair loss: People with hair loss can benefit from hair transplant treatment. However, the cause of hair loss should be determined and the treatment plan should be determined accordingly.

People with partial baldness: Hair transplant can be used to add hair to sparse or balding areas. This method may be particularly suitable for people with partial baldness.

Women experiencing hair loss: Although hair loss is more common in men, women can also experience hair loss. Hair transplant treatment may also be suitable for women.

People who have had hair loss treatment: People who have been treated for hair loss can regain the hair they lost with hair transplant treatment.

However, in some cases, hair transplant treatment may not be appropriate. For example, if hair loss is caused by a medical problem, that problem may need to be treated first. People whose health condition is not suitable for hair transplantation may not be able to receive hair transplantation treatment. Therefore, a specialist should be consulted before hair transplant treatment.

Are Hair Transplant Treatments Risky?

Transplantation hair treatments are generally safe and low risk. However, like any surgical procedure, there are some risks. Risks of hair transplant treatment may include:

Infection: There is a risk of infection during and after transplantation hair treatment. The risk of infection can be reduced by taking appropriate hygienic measures before, during and after the procedure.

Bleeding: There is a risk of bleeding during transplantation hair. Therefore, blood thinners and blood thinners such as aspirin should not be taken before and during the hair transplant procedure to reduce the risk of bleeding.

Crusting: There may be crusting and flaking after transplantation hair. This condition is usually temporary and is normal during the healing process.

Graft loss: Some grafts (roots) may be lost after transplantation hair. This is usually a small amount and the treatment plan is adjusted accordingly.

Wrong direction or angle grafts: Placing grafts in the wrong direction or angle can cause undesirable results.

Although these risks rarely occur, a specialist should be consulted before and after transplantation hair treatment to understand and prevent possible risks.

What are the Unlimited Graft Hair Transplant Treatment Types?

Unlimited graft transplantation hair treatment is usually performed with two methods:

FUE Method: The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method allows the individual’s own hair follicles to be transported from one area to another. In this method, each follicle is removed one by one and placed in other areas of the scalp. During this procedure, regional anesthesia is applied and the removal and placement of the grafts may take approximately 6-8 hours. Since the FUE method is a minimally invasive technique, the recovery time is quite fast.

DHI Method: The Direct Transplantation Hair (DHI) method is similar to the FUE method, but uses a special pen for the transplantation of grafts. This pen provides more precise and accurate control during the placement of the grafts. Also, in this method, no incision is made for the placement of the grafts, so the recovery time is quite short.

Both methods are suitable for unlimited graft transplantation hair treatment and the results are quite natural and permanent when applied correctly. However, many factors such as the individual situation, hair quality, level of hair loss and the size of the area to be transplanted should be considered in order to decide which method is most appropriate.

Turkey Unlimited Graft Hair Transplant Prices

Unlimited graft transplantation hair is a treatment option offered at affordable prices in Turkey compared to other countries. However, prices may vary depending on the experience of the clinic or doctor, the techniques used, the number of hair grafts to be transplanted and other factors. Generally, the average prices in Turkey for unlimited graft transplantation hair start from 1400 euros. Still, many people prefer to get a few quotes from hair transplant clinics in Turkey, as prices differ between treatment providers.


Hair Transplant
Transplantation Hair


Why Are Unlimited Graft Hair Transplant Prices Cheap in Turkey?

There are several reasons why unlimited graft transplantation hair prices in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries:

Low labor costs: Since labor costs in Turkey are lower than in other countries, personnel costs in clinics are lower. This allows transplantation hair clinics to offer more affordable prices.

Low rental and operating costs: The rental and operating costs of hair transplant clinics in Turkey are lower than in other countries. This makes the prices more affordable.

High competition: There are many transplantation hair clinics in Turkey. This allows treatment providers to offer competitive prices.

Exchange rate: The low exchange rate in Turkey makes transplantation hair treatments in Turkey more affordable for foreign visitors.

All these factors may cause unlimited graft transplantation hair prices in Turkey to be more affordable than in other countries. However, since many factors play a role in determining prices, each clinic or doctor may offer different prices.

How Turkey Became the World Leader in Hair Transplantation?

Turkey has become one of the world leaders in transplantation hair. There are several reasons for this:

Cost-effective: Turkey offers a more cost-effective option compared to hair transplant treatments in other countries. This is due to the low cost of living in the country and the development of health tourism.

High-quality service: Transplantation hair clinics and hospitals in Turkey provide high-quality services using world-class medical equipment and technology. In addition, there are many clinics managed by experienced and specialist doctors.

JCI certificate: Many health institutions in Turkey are accredited with certificates issued by Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI evaluates the quality and safety of healthcare providers. This certificate is also valid for hair transplant clinics in Turkey and shows that they meet international standards.

High volume transplantation hair: Turkey is visited by approximately 1 million tourists annually, many of whom come to the country for medical procedures such as transplantation hair. This allows hair transplant clinics in Turkey to operate at a high volume.

All these factors have helped Turkey become one of the world leaders in transplantation hair.

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