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Is it Safe to Have Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

It is safe to have hair transplantation in Turkey. Hair transplantation centers in Turkey operate in accordance with the standards of the European Union and the United States. In these centers, experienced and specialist doctors are performed under modern medical equipment and hygienic conditions. In addition, transplantation hair centers in Turkey generally have international accreditation and these accreditation is regularly inspected. Turkey is also considered an important country in terms of health tourism. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Turkey for the purpose of health tourism every year. Turkey stands out with its affordable prices and quality services in transplantation hair services.

Advantages of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

There are many advantages of having hair transplantation in Turkey. These are:

Affordable prices: hair transplantation costs in Turkey are lower than other countries. This difference in hair transplantation prices is due to the lower living costs in Turkey.

Quality Service: Hair transplantation centers in Turkey offer high standards of service and processing by experienced doctors. In addition, hair transplantation centers in Turkey generally have international accreditation and these accreditation is regularly inspected.

Tourism facilities: Since Turkey is a touristic country, patients who come for hair transplantation process may also have the opportunity to explore the beauties of Turkey.

Easy Access: Turkey is located close to many European and Middle East countries. Therefore, it is quite easy to travel to Turkey.

Marine technology devices: Transplantation hair centers in Turkey use the latest technology devices and apply the latest techniques.

Conclusion in a short time: Transplantation hair centers in Turkey offer quality results in a short time.

Accommodation and Transfer Opportunities: Transplantation hair centers in Turkey provide special services to facilitate patients’ accommodation and transfer procedures. Therefore, accommodation and transfer procedures of patients are also very easy.

All these advantages make Turkey a preferred destination for hair transplantation process.

Why is Hair Transplantation in Turkey Cheap?

There are a few reasons why transplantation hair treatment in Turkey is cheap. First, the cost of living in Turkey, especially compared to other European countries, may be lower wages and labor costs. This allows hair transplantation clinics to offer lower prices.

Secondly, Turkey has become a world -renowned center for transplantation hair. Turkish doctors’ expertise and experience in transplantation hair has led to many patients traveling to Turkey around the world. This led to increasing the demand of local transplantation hair clinics and an increase in competition. In addition, the Turkish government offers various incentives to promote health tourism. These incentives allow transplantation hair clinics in Turkey to work at lower costs.

Finally, Turkey is a country that can produce many of the medical equipment required for transplantation hair treatment in its own country. This allows low material costs of local clinics. When all these factors come together, transplantation hair treatment in Turkey can be presented at more affordable prices than other countries. However, this does not mean that lower costs reduce quality. Transplantation hair clinics in Turkey provide services in international standards and are considered reliable by many patients.

What are the Price Determining Factors in Hair Transplantation?

Transplantation hair prices are determined by various factors. These factors are:

Number of grafts: Transplantation hair prices depends on how many grafts will be planted. The higher the number of grafts, the higher the cost of hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation method: The methods used for transplantation hair vary and affect the prices. The FUE method is more expensive than FUT method because it requires more operations.

Hair Transplantation Center: The location and prestige of the center you want to have transplantation hair affects prices. Famous centers in big cities can be more expensive.

Doctor’s experience: The experience of the doctor you will have transplantation hair affects the prices. More experienced doctors can be higher prices.

Extra Services: Transplantation hair centers can increase prices by offering extra services. For example, packages including hotel accommodation, transfer services and food can increase transplantation hair costs.

Each of these factors is the factors that determine the price of transplantation hair. In general, however, since hair transplantation prices in Turkey are more suitable than other countries, many people from abroad prefer Turkey for the treatment of transplantation hair.


Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplantation


Is it Safe to Have Transplantation Hair in Other Cheap Countries?

A medical procedure such as transplantation hair may carry risks if there is no careful choice in any country. Therefore, those who think of cheap transplantation hair in other countries should first pay attention to factors such as medical standards, doctors’ experience, accreditation status of clinics, hygiene and sterilization conditions. In addition, travel costs, accommodation, food and other expenditures must be taken into account. Considering all these factors, it can be said that transplantation hair can be made safely in other countries if an appropriate selection is made.

What makes Turkey Different From Other Countries?

Turkey has become an important center in recent years in terms of medical tourism. The investments in the health sector, the development of technological infrastructure and the training of doctors in accordance with international standards are some of the factors that make Turkey different from other countries. In addition, Turkey’s geographical location, its proximity to the continents of Europe, Middle East and Asia, and its easily accessible from many countries, create an advantageous situation in terms of medical tourism.

Health institutions in Turkey operate in accordance with international quality standards and have a certificate of international accreditation organizations such as JCI (Joint International) in many hospitals. In addition, there are numerous experienced doctors in Turkey who can perform transplantation hair. In recent years, significant progress has been made in transplantation hair technologies and devices in accordance with international standards have been used.

In addition, since the costs of living in Turkey are lower than other countries, organizations that serve in the field of medical tourism can offer more affordable prices. The medical tourism sector in Turkey offers high quality health services and offers an advantageous option to its customers at affordable prices.

Turkey Hair Transplantation Prices

Transplantation hair prices in Turkey may vary between different clinics and doctors. However, on average, you may need to pay a price between 1500-2100 euros in Turkey for a hair transplantation between 2000-5000 grafts. This price may vary depending on factors such as hair transplantation method, clinical choice and experience level of experience.

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