The Hollywood Smile in Turkey: Affordable and High Quality Dental Treatment Options – 1999 Euro

The dental treatment industry in Turkey has been developing rapidly in recent years and offers services at international standards.  The “Hollywood smile”, which has become the choice of Hollywood stars, is also among the affordable and high-quality dental treatment options in Turkey.

An interesting statistical data shows the dental tourism potential of Turkey.  In 2021, the number of patients coming from abroad for dental treatment to Turkey has exceeded 600 thousand.  This number continues to increase every year and Turkey is becoming one of the leading countries in the dental tourism sector.

The Hollywood smile is especially known for its zirconium crowns.  Zirconium veneers stand out as a durable and aesthetic option that preserves the natural appearance of the teeth.  Dental treatment centers in Turkey apply zirconium veneers by experienced and expert dentists using state-of-the-art equipment.  In addition, most of the dental treatment centers in Turkey serve in accordance with international standards and have JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation.

The fees paid for the Hollywood smile in Turkey are also quite reasonable.  Although the price of zirconium veneers varies according to countries and clinics, they can be applied at an average of 1999 Euros in dental treatment centers in Turkey.  This price is at a very reasonable level compared to the prices applied in dental treatment centers in other countries.


 Hollywood Smile in Turkey: How Does It Happen?

In recent years, Turkey has become a popular destination for those who want to catch the “Hollywood smile” with high quality dental treatment options and affordable prices.  So how does this happen?

Affordable prices: Dental treatment prices in Turkey are quite affordable when compared to other European countries and the USA.  For this reason, the costs for patients coming from abroad can be quite low.

 High-quality treatment options: Dentists in Turkey offer the highest quality treatment using the latest technologies.  In addition, many dentists are able to provide treatment services in accordance with international standards, as they have completed their education abroad.

 Vacation Opportunity: When combined with Turkey’s beautiful beaches, historical sites and delicious food, taking a vacation while getting dental treatment becomes an attractive option.

 Easy access: Turkey is in a location that can be easily reached from many countries.  Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and there are flights to many destinations in the country.

Dentists in Turkey offer high-quality and affordable dental treatment options, helping patients from abroad achieve the “Hollywood smile”.


 Is a Hollywood Smile Possible in Turkey?

A Hollywood smile is possible in Turkey.  In recent years, Turkey has made significant progress in dental aesthetics and offers high quality and affordable dental treatment options.  Dental aesthetic procedures called Hollywood smile are also available in Turkey.

Hollywood smile is obtained by whitening the colors of the teeth, correcting their shape and making them symmetrical.  These procedures include zirconium crowns, laminates, braces and whitening treatments.  The equipment and technology required for the implementation of these procedures are available in Turkey and specialist dentists perform these procedures successfully.

There are world-renowned clinics in Turkey to have a Hollywood smile, and dentists who specialize in dental aesthetics work in these clinics.  Since dental treatment costs in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries, Hollywood smile procedures are also more affordable.


 Did You Know That You Have To Come To Turkey For The Hollywood Smile?

If you dream of a Hollywood smile, coming to Turkey can be of great benefit to you.  Turkey has become a rapidly growing country in the field of dental aesthetics in recent years and offers affordable and high quality options for the Hollywood smile.

Dental clinics in Turkey work at the same standards as dental clinics in Europe and America and focus on achieving the best results by using the latest technology equipment.  In addition, Türkiye trains world-renowned and award-winning dentists.

Other benefits of coming to Turkey for dental treatment include the opportunity to take a vacation, the chance to explore tourist attractions, and lower prices compared to dental treatment costs in other countries.

However, it is important to do a research and choose a good dental clinic before coming to Turkey.  It’s helpful to research your dentist’s quality and experience, review their references, and read reviews from other patients.


 Is the Hollywood Smile Unattainable?  Options in Turkey

The Hollywood smile is the goal of having bright, white and straight teeth that everyone dreams of.  However, for some people, that smile may seem difficult to achieve.  It may be unavailable due to factors such as high prices and long treatment times.

Fortunately, the dental industry in Turkey makes the Hollywood smile possible and accessible.  There are many clinics in Turkey that offer high-quality dental services, using experienced physicians and state-of-the-art equipment.  These clinics specialize in Hollywood smile treatments and offer affordable options.

Dental clinics in Turkey can offer Hollywood smile treatments at more affordable prices by using high-quality materials and speeding up the treatment process with state-of-the-art devices.  Also, Turkey has a competitive pricing policy in the dentistry sector and therefore, treatment costs are quite low compared to similar treatments in other countries.

In addition to their high quality services, dental clinics in Turkey also stand out with the additional services they offer to satisfy foreign patients.  These services may include free airport transfers, free accommodation, sightseeing and other services.


 Feel Like You’re Born Again with the Hollywood Smile in Turkey!

A smile always facilitates communication between people and creates a positive effect.  The secret behind the glamorous smiles of Hollywood stars is aesthetic dentistry and innovative technologies such as porcelain laminate and zirconium crowns in particular.

Turkey has become a preferred destination for dental treatment by more and more tourists in recent years.  One of the most important reasons for this is the offering of affordable and high-quality dental treatment options.  In this way, many people are now able to get the opportunity to have a great smile at a more affordable cost.

The so-called Hollywood smile is a smile understanding that should be aesthetically compatible with gum lines as well as smooth and white teeth.  In order to achieve this smile, first of all, it is necessary to go to a dentist and examine the current condition of your teeth.  Then, you can renew your teeth with aesthetic dental treatment options such as porcelain laminate or zirconium crowns.

Dental clinics in Turkey offer the best options for a Hollywood smile with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified dentists.  In addition, patients who come to Turkey for dental treatments are usually provided with accommodation, transfers and other services.  In this way, the treatment process is made more comfortable and enjoyable.


 The Choice of Hollywood Stars: Affordable and High-Quality Dental Treatment in Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has been making rapid progress in the field of health tourism as well as in the tourism sector.  It has become the choice of patients coming from abroad, especially with treatment options for dental health, affordable and high quality services.  Hollywood stars also go to Turkey for dental treatment for the famous “Hollywood smile”.

Dental clinics in Turkey provide quality service to their patients, using state-of-the-art equipment, together with specialist dentists and health personnel.  In addition, physicians who graduated from the leading universities in dentistry education in our country serve in clinics in Turkey.

Getting dental treatment in Turkey means getting high quality service at affordable prices.  Especially when compared to European countries, prices are at very attractive levels.  For this reason, it is known that many foreign patients prefer Turkey for dental treatment.

Hollywood stars also get their perfect smiles by getting dental treatment in Turkey.  These celebrities, who have achieved excellent results both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, list the reasons for choosing Turkey for dental treatment as affordable prices, high quality and specialist physicians.

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