Cost of Laser Teeth Whitening in Istanbul

Istanbul Laser Teeth Whitening Price and Duration

Teeth whitening includes many different techniques in Turkey. Two different methods based on a peroxide-based gel bleaching method are offered, such as laser teeth whitening and professional at-home whitening kits. Laser teeth whitening is done by qualified and experienced cosmetic dentists and uses a light-activated bleaching gel to provide a natural-looking whitening. Professional at-home teeth whitening kits are used by the dentist by producing patient-specific teeth whitening plates and can be worn overnight or for a few hours. Istanbul teeth-whitening methods start from 150 €.

Laser Teeth Whitening and Whitening Gel Combined

Combination of teeth-whitening procedures can be used to give your teeth a longer lasting whitening effect. In major cities such as Istanbul, the inexpensive laser teeth-whitening option provides instant results and can whiten your teeth 10 shades or more. However, the results of a professional at-home teeth whitening technique are longer lasting depending on the dental care. Teeth-whitening costs can also vary depending on your goal and budget.

How Much Time Do I Need for Laser Teeth Whitening in Istanbul?

Laser teeth-whitening takes about an hour. The dentist will use a gel or rubber shield to protect your gums, and then teeth-whitening bleach will be applied. Then the chemical reaction will be accelerated with blue light or laser. This process allows the bleaching product to react faster and as a result, a faster color change is achieved.


Teeth Whitening


How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results Last?

Teeth whitening is not a long-term treatment and its effect will fade over time. Not consuming foods and beverages that cause stains and good dental care can help prolong the duration of whitening. The effect of a professional teeth-whitening treatment can usually last for a year or more, but this can vary depending on the person’s diet, dental care and previous condition of the teeth.

Is It Safe to Whiten Your Teeth in Istanbul?

Professional teeth-whitening is generally safer than at-home teeth whitening kits, as it does not affect the enamel and is done by a dentist. However, there is always the possibility of side effects and sensitivity, and therefore it is inconvenient to whiten teeth before consulting a dentist. It is also recommended to be examined by a dentist to determine the current condition of your teeth, whether the enamel is adequate and stained, or whether your teeth are suitable for whitening.

Laser Teeth Whitening Results and Aftercare in Istanbul

Teeth-whitening is only used to lighten teeth. The care to be applied to your teeth after teeth whitening is important and ensures that the color of the teeth is preserved for a long time. Limiting the consumption of staining foods and drinks, quitting smoking, using fluoride toothpaste and going to regular dental check-ups will help keep the tooth color white for a long time. Following the nutritional rules in the first 24 hours after laser teeth-whitening will ensure that the color of the teeth is preserved for a longer time.

Cost of Laser Teeth-Whitening in Istanbul

Professional teeth-whitening offers a safer, more effective and long-lasting solution than at-home teeth whitening kits. The teeth-whitening process performed by a professional dentist allows you to treat stained teeth efficiently, with the use of the right chemicals, up-to-date equipment and the expertise of the physician.

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