Natural Hair Transplantation with High Success

It is possible to achieve a very natural appearance after the correct natural hair transplantation procedure.However, it is not enough just to have a hair transplant in a quality clinic to achieve a natural look. In addition, the experience of the surgeon performing the procedure, the correct selection of the techniques used and their application in accordance with the needs of the patient are also very important. With new methods and advanced health technologies, hair transplantation can now be performed more successfully.

For example, techniques such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) are popular hair transplantation techniques used to achieve natural-looking results. In order for the hair transplant process to be successful, it is important for the patients to have the hair transplant in the right clinic, to be treated by an experienced surgeon, and to act in accordance with the recommendations given by the doctor before and after the procedure. In addition, taking care of the hair after the procedure and regular follow-up visits are among the factors that affect the quality of the results.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed in a Natural Way?

Careful planning and application is required at every stage of the hair transplant process in order to have a natural hair transplant. Performing the procedure correctly ensures that the hair gains a natural appearance. Here are the steps to follow to have a natural hair transplantation:

First of all, a dermatological examination should be performed to evaluate the areas thinned due to hair loss and the general condition of the person’s scalp. Before hair transplantation, a medical evaluation is recommended to determine the general health status of the patient and the causes of hair loss. Hair follicles to be used during the procedure should be taken from the donor area correctly. This region is usually the nape region.

After the hair follicles are taken, the follicles are transplanted at the right angles and density according to the hair type and other hair characteristics of the person in order to obtain a natural appearance. The devices and materials used during the process are also very important to obtain a natural result. Quality devices and materials help the hair transplant process to give more natural and quality results. After the procedure, the patient’s scalp may require special care until it heals. Proper care of the scalp by following the doctor’s recommendations is among the factors affecting the quality of the results.

Finally, after the hair transplant procedure, it is extremely important for the patient to go to follow-up visits, perform hair care in accordance with the surgeon’s recommendations, and treat the scalp in accordance with its needs. In order to make hair transplantation in a natural way, proper planning before the procedure, the use of the right techniques during the procedure and regular follow-up and care after the procedure are required.


It is possible to achieve a very natural appearance after the correct Natural Hair Transplantation procedure.
It is possible to achieve a very natural appearance after the correct Natural Hair Transplantation procedure.


Where should I have a Natural Hair Transplant?

It is extremely important that the clinic or center you choose to have a natural hair transplant is of high quality, that the right techniques are used during the procedure, and that regular follow-up and care services are provided afterwards. Here are the clinical features that should be considered for natural hair transplantation:

Specialist Doctors: When choosing a quality clinic for hair transplantation, it is important to choose a clinic where experienced and specialist doctors work. Your doctor should be able to guide you through all stages of the procedure and deal with any potential problems.

Quality Materials: The devices and materials used for hair transplantation are extremely important. In order for the process to give natural results, it is necessary to use quality and state-of-the-art materials.

Hygienic Environment: Hair transplantation should be performed in a sterile environment. For this reason, it is necessary to provide a hygienic environment in the clinic or center you choose. In addition, the devices used should be hygienically cleaned and disinfected after each patient.

References: Before having a hair transplant, it is important to read the comments and references made by previous patients of the clinic or center. In this way, you can have an idea about the previous achievements and experiences of the clinic.

Correct Techniques: The techniques to be used in hair transplantation should be accurate and state-of-the-art methods. For this reason, it is important that the clinic or center you choose is a clinic or center that implements cutting-edge methods and follows developing technologies.

Post-Process Care: After the hair transplantation process, the correct care and regular follow-up of the scalp is extremely important. Therefore, it is important that the clinic or center you choose offers post-procedure care.

By choosing a quality clinic or center with the above-mentioned features to have natural hair transplantation, it can be ensured that the procedure is performed correctly and then a natural appearance can be obtained.

Is Natural Hair Transplant the Final Solution to Baldness?

Natural hair transplantation can be seen as a definitive solution to baldness. However, it is not possible to guarantee the same results for everyone. Hair transplantation may give different results depending on the cause of hair loss, treatment history, hair quality and general health status of the person. In addition, it requires careful care after hair transplantation, and sometimes the transplanted hair may not grow at the desired density.

Does Transplanted Hair Grow Naturally?

Transplanted hair grows naturally. Since hair transplantation is performed using the person’s own hair follicles (hair follicles), the transplanted hair is like the person’s own hair and grows naturally. However, after hair transplantation, it may take several months for the hair to grow and develop completely. Also, hair growth may be slower than normal in some patients. However, when the hair transplant procedure is performed successfully, the results can be natural-looking and permanent. Prolonging and protecting your hair in a healthy way by taking good care of your hair after hair transplantation is also important for the permanence of the results.

Natural Hair Transplantation Before and After Processes

The processes before and after natural hair transplantation are as follows:


• After the decision is made for hair transplantation, a consultation with a specialist doctor is made first. At this stage, the cause of hair loss is determined and your suitability for hair transplantation is evaluated.

• Before hair transplantation, your doctor will inform you about the procedure. It will also be stated that you should avoid the use of substances that increase the risk of bleeding, such as alcohol, aspirin, blood thinners, before the hair transplant procedure.


• A slight pain and swelling sensation on the scalp is normal in the first days after hair transplantation. These pains are usually relieved with painkillers.

• In the post-procedure period, you need to be careful while moving your head and sleeping in a supine position. It is also recommended that you avoid smoking, alcohol, exercise and extreme temperatures for the first few days, preferably for a few weeks.

• After the procedure, you may need to wear a special hat to protect the transplanted hair follicles. The wearing time of the hat will be determined by your doctor.

The roots of the transplanted hair usually hold in 2-3 weeks. After about 3-4 months, the hair starts to grow and it may take 8-12 months for it to grow completely.

• In order to accelerate the healing process after hair transplantation, you should carefully follow the care instructions recommended by your doctor.

The processes before and after natural hair transplantation may vary depending on the general health condition of the person, the cause of hair loss and the techniques used. Therefore, your doctor will create a treatment plan specific to you.

Natural Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey has become one of the world’s leading countries in natural hair transplantation in recent years. Hair transplant centers in Turkey are managed by advanced technologies and experienced doctors. Therefore, Turkey is preferred by many people from abroad.

Technologies used in hair transplant centers in Turkey include the latest technologies, especially the FUE method. In addition, the doctors working at the hair transplant centers in Turkey are world-renowned specialists with international experience. The cost of hair transplant procedures in Turkey is also more affordable than in other countries. However, this does not mean that the standard of quality and service is low. Hair transplant centers in Turkey offer affordable and quality services. There are many options in Turkey for natural hair transplantation.

Natural Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of natural hair transplantation may vary depending on many factors. Among these, there are factors such as the preferred method of hair transplantation, the size of the area to be treated, the number of hairs to be transplanted, the quality of the hair and the skin structure. The cost of natural hair transplantation in Turkey may be more affordable than in other countries. However, the cost may vary depending on factors such as the preferred hair transplant method, the quality of the hair transplant center, and the experience of the doctor.

Can we place the transplanted hair between the natural hair?

The natural hair transplantation process aims to place the transplanted hair in the same way as natural hair. Therefore, the transplanted hair integrates with the natural hair and a natural appearance is provided on the hairline. Hair transplantation is performed on the scalp using microsurgical techniques. These techniques allow the transplanted hair follicles to be placed between the natural hair. It is ensured that the transplanted hair is harmonized with the natural hair by taking into account the skin structure of the area where the hair transplantation is performed, how the hair follicles are naturally located and the natural growth aspects of the hair. Harmonizing the transplanted hair with natural hair makes the result obtained after the procedure look natural. For this reason, placing the transplanted hair between the natural hair is considered an important element of the natural hair transplant process.

Does Hair Transplantation Look Natural?

Hair transplantation can give very natural-looking results when done correctly. Modern hair transplantation techniques are performed using microsurgical methods on the scalp. Thanks to these techniques, the transplanted hair is placed in accordance with the growth direction and natural appearance of the natural hair.

In order for the transplanted hair to look natural, the hairline should be designed considering the natural shape and natural growth directions of the hair. In addition, the density and distribution of the transplanted hair is important in terms of preserving the natural appearance. Therefore, in order to achieve a natural result, it is important that the procedure is performed in a quality clinic, by an experienced doctor and using the right techniques. The success of the procedure is determined by the healing process of the transplanted area and the combination of the transplanted hair with the natural hair. For this reason, following the healing process after the procedure correctly and following the doctor’s instructions are among the factors that affect the result.

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