Estonia Weight Loss Surgery Prices

Weight loss surgery prices in Estonia may vary according to which hospital the person will be hospitalized for which weight loss surgery, the surgical method and the health condition of the person. However, Estonia generally offers more cost-effective weight loss surgery options than European countries. However, the price may vary depending on factors such as the prestige of the hospital, the experience of the surgical team and the details of the surgery performed. In addition, although it offers more affordable treatment services compared to many European countries, it is more expensive compared to Turkey.

Where is Estonia?

Estonia is one of the Baltic states and is located in Northern Europe. Estonia is bordered by the Baltic Sea to the north, Latvia to the south, and Russia to the southeast. Estonia is a country based in the city of Tallinn and is close to the Scandinavian countries, Germany and Russia.

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a surgical method used in the treatment of obesity. These surgeries aim to reduce the patient’s feeling of hunger by shortening the patient’s stomach or intestines or reducing stomach acid production. Weight loss surgeries are performed only in obese patients for whom diet and exercise are insufficient. Weight loss surgeries can change your life permanently, but patients also need to change their lifestyle and eating habits.

Weight Loss Surgery Complications and Risks

Weight loss surgeries are invasive methods used in the treatment of obesity. However, like any invasive procedure, weight loss surgeries can involve some complications and risks. These may include:

Intestinal problems: Problems such as disruption of intestinal regularity, constipation or diarrhea may occur after surgery.

Anesthesia risks: As with any type of anesthesia, general anesthesia for weight loss surgeries may involve risks.

Infection: Infection after weight loss surgery is one of the most common complications of a surgical procedure. Infection can occur as a result of infection of the pearl opened in the surgical field and can cause pain, swelling, inflammation, fever, urinary tract infections and even reopening of the surgical field. Therefore, it should be followed carefully after the surgery and all the instructions and treatments given by the surgeon should be followed meticulously.

Circulation problems: In some weight loss surgeries, circulatory problems may occur.

Bleeding during the procedure: There is a risk of entanglement with the blood that occurs during the operation.

Failure in weight loss: The rate of achieving the goals of weight loss surgeries is not the same for every patient, and there may be a risk of failure in weight loss after surgery.

Regular follow-up and non-compliance with dietary changes: Weight control and healthy eating habits should be maintained after weight loss surgery.

These complications and risks should be discussed in detail in consultation with the doctors of the patients who will undergo weight loss surgery.

Nutrition After Gastric Tube Stomach Surgery in Estonia

Nutrition after sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Estonia is regulated to help the patient recover quickly and healthily. Liquid and pureed foods are consumed in the first months, and then normal meals are added gradually. The nutrition plan is customized according to the patient’s weight loss goals and body type. Patients are warned that they should gain the habit of eating small amounts slowly and eating frequently after surgery. In addition, it is important to eat slowly so that patients do not harm their stomach. After gastric sleeve surgery, patients should consume protein-based foods. After the surgery, patients should also drink plenty of water.

Patients after sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Estonia should also follow a nutrition plan prepared by a dietitian or nutritionist. This allows the patient to lose weight and recover in a healthy way.

Best Gastric Tube Hospitals in Estonia

Estonia offers many options for obesity patients who want to have gastric tube treatment. First of all, patients should be treated by an experienced and specialized surgeon in the hospital. In addition, it is important to use up-to-date technologies in the hospital, to have good hygiene conditions and to ensure the comfort of the patients. Many hospitals in Estonia use the latest technologies in the treatment of obesity and provide a quality service to their patients.


Weight Loss Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery


Advantages of Gastric Tube in Turkey

Gastric tube surgery is an accepted and effective method in the treatment of obesity in Antalya. Its advantages are:

Weight loss: Gastric tube surgery allows patients to lose weight quickly.

Preventing serious health problems: Serious health problems associated with obesity are greatly reduced or completely eliminated after gastric tube surgery.

Long-term weight control: Gastric tube surgery helps patients with long-term weight control.

Quality of life: Gastric tube surgery means that patients lead an active and healthy life.

Low invasiveness: When gastric tube surgery is performed with the closed surgical (laparoscopic) method, it provides painless and rapid recovery of the patients.

These advantages have made gastric tube surgery a popular option for obesity treatment in Turkey.

Gastric Sleeve Price in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery price in Turkey may vary depending on the experience of the hospital and the surgeon, the type of surgery performed (open vs. Laparoscopic) and the patient’s body condition. You can benefit from the privileges by contacting us.

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