Gastric Tube Price in Finland

Gastric Tube sleeve surgery is the most preferred method among weight loss surgeries and involves removing 80% of the stomach. Therefore, for patients who want to receive sleeve gastrectomy treatment in Finland, it is important to obtain sufficient information and it is recommended to consider reading our content. Reading will guide you before making a treatment plan and will provide you with detailed information about the Finnish healthcare system and sleeve gastrectomy prices.

What is Stomach Arm?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a weight loss surgery that has been used in obesity surgery for years and is frequently preferred. However, surgery alone will not make you lose weight, and you should not expect to lose weight without doing anything. Obesity is the most common serious disease of recent years and its treatment is important because it contains not only excess weight, but also many health problems along with weight. Therefore, it is important to know your requirements.

Who Can Get a Gastric Tube?

In order to get a gastric tube, the following criteria must be followed in general:

• Morbid obesity

• Age range between 18 and 65

• Serious diseases related to obesity (eg diabetes or high cholesterol)

• Generally good body health

Patients who do not meet these criteria may not be eligible to receive a gastric tube and should seek information about alternative treatment options. Also, patients with serious heart problems are not suitable for gastric tube. For best results, patients should consult the surgeon and get information about their body health.

How is Tube Stomach Surgery Performed?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure for the treatment of stomach disorders such as obesity or overweight. The surgical process may vary depending on the patient’s condition, cause, and the doctor’s preference, but generally includes the following steps:

Anesthesia: During the surgery, the patient will be anesthetized or put to sleep with spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia.

Examination: The doctor will examine the patient’s stomach and intestines and identify the areas where surgery should be performed.

Performing the procedure: For laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery, small holes are made and stomach upset is corrected through the laparoscope and other instruments. For open surgical sleeve gastrectomy surgery, a larger incision is made to correct the stomach upset.

Post-procedure: After the operation, the patient will be on bed rest and will stay in the hospital for a few days. The doctor will monitor the patient’s recovery and will prescribe any necessary follow-up treatments.

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery offers a less invasive and faster recovery process than open surgery, but the most appropriate method for each patient should be evaluated by the doctor. Your doctor will give you more information about how the surgery is performed, the risks and consequences of the procedure.

How Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Work?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed as a result of removing or closing a part of the patient’s stomach. Surgery may be done to treat stomach disorders such as overweight or obesity.

During surgery, part of the patient’s stomach is closed or removed and the stomach size is reduced. This causes the patient to tend to eat less and feel full faster. This helps the patient lose weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery using laparoscopic techniques offers a less invasive and faster recovery process than open surgery. However, the most appropriate method for each patient should be evaluated by the doctor and may vary according to the patient’s condition.

Gastric Tube Complications and Risks

Gastric tube surgery, like any surgical procedure, can involve some complications and risks. These may include:

Pain during the healing process: Post-operative pain is a normal thing and is usually controlled with painkillers.

Infection: As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection.

Bleeding: Post-operative bleeding is rare but possible.

Circulation problems: Circulatory problems may occur during and after surgery.

Regular feeding disorders: Gastric tube surgery may disrupt the patient’s normal eating pattern and cause regular nutritional disorders.

Disruption or blockage of the stomach tube: The stomach tube can deteriorate or become clogged over time. This means that the patient needs to see their doctor or go to the hospital.

Unwanted weight loss or weight gain: Gastric tube surgery can help the patient keep their weight under control, but extreme weight loss or weight gain is also possible.

The risks and complications may be different for each patient, and your doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment for the patient’s condition. Pre- and post-operative follow-up and treatments will help speed up the patient’s recovery and prevent complications.

Nutrition for 5 Weeks After Tube Stomach

Nutrition at the 5th week after sleeve gastrectomy shows that the patient’s stomach continues to heal and offers more food options. The following suggestions can help patients with their nutrition in the 5th week after sleeve gastrectomy:

Normal meals: From the 5th week, patients can return to normal and can consume foods such as whole grain bread, pasta, cereal products, fruit and vegetables.

Protein: From the 5th week, patients should consume protein sources such as meat, chicken, fish, beans and chickpeas.

Fluid amount: From the 5th week, patients should take sufficient fluid and drink fluids when they are fasting.

Avoiding consuming too much: From the 5th week, patients should avoid consuming too much as this can cause stomach upset.

These recommendations can help patients with their nutrition in the 5th week after sleeve gastrectomy and may help the patient’s stomach to heal. Every patient’s situation is different and patients should seek nutritional advice from their doctor.


Gastric Tube Price
Gastric Tube Price


Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Finland

Gastric sleeve surgery in Finland is a method used in the treatment of obesity and is offered by medical centers in the country. Surgery is done to help overweight or obese patients lose weight by reducing stomach volume. Gastric sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Finland is performed in hospitals with professional and qualified medical teams, and the safety and comfort of patients is a priority. Anesthesia is applied during the surgery and the patients remain asleep after the surgery.

After the surgery, the diet of the patients should be changed and there are diet and exercise programs that should be applied to help the weight loss process. Patients should be followed up after surgery and should be able to return to normal activities as soon as possible.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Finland is a recognized and accepted method by the country’s healthcare system and helps patients to be treated safely and effectively.

Which Country Is Best For Gastric Tube?

Which country is the best may vary according to different criteria for gastric tube. Some factors could be:

• Medical team and technological opportunities

• Transaction cost

• Treatment process and results

• Health system

Turkey performs gastric tube surgery in European standards at very affordable prices.

Advantages of Gastric Tube in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey can offer the following advantages:

World-class medical technology facilities: In Turkey, medical technology facilities are available at a high level and this can help patients to be treated safely and effectively.

Affordable cost: Turkey may have more affordable costs compared to other countries and may be a reasonable option for patients.

Well-trained medical team: Turkey has well-trained and experienced medical teams that can help patients get the support they need.

Aesthetic and tourism options: Turkey allows patients to access aesthetic and tourism options after the treatment process.

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