Where To Get Best Hollywood Smile In Istanbul?

Best Hollywood Smile in Istanbul:

The best Hollywood smile operation has a ton of additional advantages in Turkey. Utilizing your budget will allow you to get the highest quality items. You’ll combine pleasure and health, and you’ll also receive a new grin.

A Hollywood Smile in Turkey will provide you the ability to confidently grin while receiving individualized care, in addition to soaking in the stunning scenery the nation has to offer. Ask Medicals is one of the best clinic for medical tourism in Turkey, particularly for all dental treatment including Hollywood Smile.


Best Hollywood Smile Price in Turkey-Istanbul:

With minor or extensive dental surgeries, the typical cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey ranges from 2000 EURO and possibly much more. Depending on how many operations you need, Hollywood Smile’s overall cost may change. What if your oral issues are more severe and you need rehabilitation therapy? Think about implants; they get more expensive as a result of medical procedures.

Depending on the materials used to make them, dental veneers, crowns, and implants might range in price. Porcelain veneers might cost anywhere from €80 and €150 per tooth.

There are more than 1000 of dental clinics in Istanbul where they provide dental treatments in different qualities and wide range of prices. The most important factor that affects on price and quality, is the clinic`s location. For example, some clinics located in Şişli and Beşiktaş areas provide their services for the middle or upper class patients since they rent their clinics in upper cost than the other regions in Istanbul.

Another factor affects on the price is the laboratory of the dental clinics. So, the same like clinics` rents, it goes accordingly. For example, some laboratory use better quality of its products, such as Zirconium crown it differs from a laboratory to another and accordingly its cost will be different as well.

In addition, dentist`s proficiency makes real difference. For instant, some forging patients are afraid due to lower prices in Turkey in a comparison with U.S., UK, and Europe thinking that the dentists are not well-qualified. So, you should be aware enough if you are visiting medical dentistry clinics where they are only showing medical tourism services or you are visiting a professional dentistry clinic.

It`s important to mention that since Istanbul has become a hub for medical tourism, some of the international well-known dentists open their clinic branches in Istanbul with competitive prices and some of them are also academicians at Harvard university, dental faculty too.

Pros & Cons of Dental Veneers

Why Is Best Hollywood Smile in Istanbul So Inexpensive?

Turkey is renowned for having high-quality yet economical dental facilities for a variety of reasons. Which are:

  • Convenient rate of exchange
  • Easy to obtain visas
  • Affordable lodging and transportation
  • No extra charges

Let’s go through how these elements make Turkey the perfect location for dental clinics that are both accessible and advanced.

  • Convenient Rate of Exchange:

The dentistry industry in Turkey is expanding quickly thanks to numerous recent innovations. By the end of 2023, Turkey’s dentistry industry income will rise from $683.7 million to $704.7 million, predicts a Statista poll (1). Because the currency is substantially less expensive than the US dollar and the euro, in particular, the exchange rate is significantly greater. They pay significantly less and receive work of the same caliber.

  • Easy to Obtain Visas:

The quick and simple visa application process is only one of Turkey’s numerous benefits. US citizens with valid passports can apply for an e-visa, which is granted in 24–48 hours during business hours. The e-visa is only good for a maximum of 90 days for Americans. On the other side, visitors from European countries like Germany or Spain do not require a visa and are allowed entry with a current passport or identification card.

  • Affordable Accommodation and Transportation:

In addition to dental care, Turkey also offers reasonably priced lodging and transportation. Usually, the dental tourism package you select includes lodging and transportation. These packages lower the cost of your entire trip while also taking care of your lodging and transportation needs. Turkey is the best destination for dental tourism because the majority of clinics collaborate with lodging and transportation providers to offer a comprehensive medical tourism experience.

  • No Extra Charges:

In contrast to other nations, Turkey does not charge for additional services including consultations, dental work, staff, labs, etc. There can be no misunderstandings because everything is explained to the patient before the procedure. Without the patient’s permission, no additional fees are incurred after the initial consultation. The total cost is only increased in cases of major complications.

If you interested to know more about getting the best Hollywood Smile, check this blog 7 Hollywood Smile Pros and Cons in Istanbul

Why You Can Have Trust in Turkish Dentistry to Get the Best Hollywood Smile?

You have numerous reasons to trust Turkey’s dental care industry, or at the at least, place it among your top five, if you examine its organizational structure. In a sentence, Turkey provides knowledge at a cost that is so low as to be nearly unbelievable. And who are we to reject such a generous offer. Ask Medicals recommends Hollywood Smile due to these basic reasons:

  1. Turkish Dentistry\ Licensed and Qualified Dentists:

Turkey’s health and educational systems are both advancing quickly to reach the top. In the nation, a strong network of colleges and training facilities annually prepares thousands of students to become outstanding physicians and dentists. You can trust the knowledge of dentists in the nation due to the rigorous training students receive.

In addition, it is illegal for anybody to practice dentistry in the nation without a dental license, which is obtained after passing a rigorous exam. After medical school, students must finish a 5- to 6-year residency program before they may legally practice medicine.

  1. Strict Guidelines and Requirements:

Students who want to work as specialized dentists must pass the Diş Hekimlii Uzmanlk Snav (DUS) exam, which is only offered once a year. Nobody can work in the field without passing the testing requirements to be both a general dentist and a specialist dentist.

  1. Modern Technological Techniques:

Although Turkish dental services may be inexpensive, don’t expect them to be of poor quality. Turkey’s extensive infrastructure and cutting-edge dental technologies make it a reliable choice for your dental needs. Everything is available to ensure that every customer leaves satisfied, from the newest digital CAD/CAM technologies to laser treatments. One of the most effective and well-liked dental procedures in Turkey is the Hollywood Smile, and many tourists travel abroad particularly for it.

  1. Several Options for Correcting Your Smile:

If you choose the Hollywood Smile procedure in Turkey, you have a fantastic chance to make the most efficient use of your financial resources. According to the patient’s budget, there are several dental restorations accessible for large to small cosmetic and rehabilitative difficulties.

For instance, if the dentist advises getting veneers, you can choose between three types: German, Korean, or Swiss. Similar to how you might choose between cosmetic fillings for the front teeth or laminate veneers for veneers. Therefore, there are several options accessible to customize your treatment based on your budget.

  1. Combining Pleasure and Health:

Turkey may be able to fulfill both of your vacation and oral health needs if you have been putting off both for a while. When you travel to Turkey, you have an excuse to relax as well as prioritize your oral health by seeing expert dentists and dental professionals. One of the various procedures in which Turkey happens to be an expert is Hollywood Smile.

Additionally, there are lots of other advantages to choosing Turkey for your dental care. You receive much more than what you pay for, including transportation to and from the airport and from the hotel to the clinic. In addition to getting a full travel experience, you also take care of your dental health. Win-win situation!

Common Question about the Best Hollywood Smile in Istanbul:

Is the price causing of the best Hollywood Smile a drop in quality?

No, for each of the aforementioned reasons. The price of a Hollywood Smile in Turkey does not translate into lower-quality products, services, or less skilled dentists. While the price will be very reasonable, the quality will remain quite good.

Dental veneers, medical devices, and other supplies are identical to those used in North America, Europe, Australia, the UK, and other countries. For you to have a sense of the treatments provided, we may give you actual patient testimonies.

Our staff at Ask Medicals will be delighted to answer any questions you may have on the products, services, tools, and medical facilities. We are pleased to assist patients in mindfully selecting the course that best meets their needs.

How long should I stay in Turkey to receive my dental care from the best  Hollywood Smile?

Well, that depends on the number and type of procedures you schedule for a Hollywood Smile in Turkey. However, we can estimate that you would require around a week in Turkey.

For more accurate information, get in touch with our team.


Which airport should I fly into in Turkey for my best Hollywood Smile?

Istanbul is huge enough to have two airports, so you can choose whichever one is more convenient for you. Our packages at Ask Medicals include transportation services from the airport to the hotel and vice versa on the return time.

  • The older and smaller Sabiha Gokcen foreign Airport (SAW) is extremely connected with a large number of foreign flights every day. It is located in the city’s Asian section.
  • Istanbul Airport (IST) is one of the largest airports in the world, having opened in 2018 and having a capacity of 90 million passengers. It is situated on the European side of the city and is enormous, bright, contemporary, and exceptionally well-connected.


Hollywood Smile in Turkey 2023- Best Prices


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