Best Dental Treatments in Istanbul

Why Should I Prefer Dental Treatments in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city that attracts many foreign customers for dental treatments in Turkey. Local dental clinics in Istanbul offer you the highest quality dental care with modern equipment, trained and experienced professionals. These clinics are designed to do all kinds of dental treatments, helping you to deliver the best results.

Using the latest technological tools in dentistry, it guarantees the highest quality results. Dental treatments in Istanbul are primarily plaque removal, teeth whitening, dental restorations and orthodontic treatments. Plaque removal is done using ultrasonic waves and airflow and helps you maintain the beauty and health of your teeth. Teeth whitening is done using laser technology and gives you smooth and white teeth.

For dental restorations, the highest quality materials are used, giving you healthy and aesthetic teeth. Orthodontic treatments are applied to maintain the correct position of the jaw and teeth. These treatments correct tooth crosses, diagonal tooth positions, and tooth cavities.

Dental clinics in Istanbul also offer implant treatment. This treatment is a treatment for tooth loss and gives you natural looking and durable teeth. Veneer is a dental treatment to protect the beauty and health of the teeth. Dental clinics in Istanbul are designed for all types of dental treatment and will help you to provide the best results.

As a result, dental clinics in Istanbul offer affordable and high-quality dental treatments.


diş implant
Dental treatments


Getting a Dental Implant at Istanbul Dental Center

Dental implants are one of the most common dental restoration techniques and can be performed in many dental clinics today. Implant supported dental prostheses offer a much safer and permanent option than normal prostheses. The use of this technology in Istanbul has also become widespread in recent years.

The biggest advantage of implant-supported dental prostheses is that they provide a solid attachment as before tooth extraction. These prostheses are placed on an implant that looks like a tooth root and are attached to the crown and abutment. Specialist dentists in Istanbul work to maximize the precision of dental implants, using the latest technological tools such as 3D modeling and paste index matrices. In addition, these prostheses are placed in a less invasive method that does not require gingival or dentifrice separation.

In Istanbul dentistry clinics, placement of dental implants usually results in a single-stage prosthesis. However, due to changes in bone tissue, two-stage prostheses can also be used in some patients. In these patients, dental professionals may perform preparatory surgeries such as sinus lift or bone block grafting.

The Turkish dental industry uses high quality dental implants from the world’s leading manufacturers. General anesthesia can be used to place the implant and, if necessary, sedation or analgesia can be provided. All-on-4 and All-on-6 technologies can be used to place all dentures with 4 or 6 implants.

As a result, dental implants are the safest and most effective technique to provide an aesthetic and functional tooth restoration for many years. Dental implants performed by specialized teams in Istanbul dentistry clinics guarantee the best results. Implants are similar in nature to the root of the tooth, so patients are a little more comfortable eating, talking and cleaning their teeth like a normal tooth.

The biggest advantage of dental implants is that it offers a permanent solution as well as dealing with the factors that cause tooth loss. Unlike dental prostheses, dental implants are attached to bone tissue and this tissue is formed over time similar to the structure of a dental implant.

Placing Dental treatments is not always a comfortable process for patients. However, implants performed by specialist dentists are designed to maximize patients’ comfort levels. Analgesia and sedation options are available, and patients generally experience minimal pain or discomfort after placement of dental implants.

Implant-supported dental prostheses are becoming more and more popular with current technological advances. This technique eliminates the effects of many factors that cause tooth loss and helps patients regain a beautiful, healthy and permanent smile. Dental implants performed in the best dentistry clinics in Istanbul eliminate the worries of patients about dental implants and guarantee excellent results.


Dental treatments
Dental treatments


Buying Dental Crowns in Istanbul

Advances in dentistry and technological advances have increased the popularity of dental implants. Many dentists in Istanbul have expertise in wearing crowns. Crowns are dentures placed over teeth. These are made in the dental laboratory and are created by measuring or scanning the tooth.

Crowns can be made from many different materials and prices vary according to these materials. Fully cast metal crowns are the least expensive option, but they are also the most durable and reliable. However, the appearance of noble or base metals is considered unsightly and is usually only used for molar prosthesis.

Porcelain crowns fused with metal crowns are among the most common in Turkish dental clinics. These crowns have a metal core with a ceramic top layer and are the best option in terms of price-quality. These crowns are made to look like the patient’s natural teeth and offer a safe option.

Metal-free crowns are the best veneers, but they are also the most expensive. Because they have a metal frame rather than a zirconia frame, they improve the appearance of the tooth and can be easily fixed if the denture is damaged. In addition, it does not damage the opposite tooth when chewing, as it has less density than porcelain fused to the metal veneer. Crowns are the safest and most permanent method to provide an aesthetic and functional tooth restoration for many years.

Buying Dental Veneers in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city with many options regarding affordable dental implants and vacation plans. Since Istanbul is a city with many clinics and physicians specializing in tourism and dentistry, it offers many alternatives according to the different needs of customers.

Dental implants allow the body to connect with its natural tissues and offer a similar safe and powerful alternative to the teeth of people with tooth loss. Dental implants in Istanbul are applied by modern technologies and specialist physicians and ensure that patients get safe and permanent results.

The price of dental implants may vary depending on the degree of tooth loss, the number of implants, the quality of the materials and the technologies to be applied. However, there are many clinics in Istanbul that offer more affordable prices than other cities in Europe or the USA.

While dental implants are being made, patients who want to take a dental holiday can explore the touristic centers of Istanbul. Istanbul is a very popular city in terms of tourism with its historical and cultural riches, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and world-renowned shopping malls.

The clinics in this city provide all the necessary services to make dental implants and help patients have a comfortable and safe vacation. The expert physician staff of the clinics in Istanbul aims to answer all the questions of the patients about dental implants and tourism needs and to provide them with the best service.

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