Antalya Stomach Botox Prices- Procedure

What is Stomach Botox?

The term “stomach botox” usually refers to a procedure called “endoscopic gastric botox”. This procedure is used as an option to try before resorting to bariatric surgery to combat obesity.

Gastric botox is performed by injecting a substance called botulinum toxin into the upper part of the stomach. This toxin inhibits the contraction of the stomach muscles and directs the stomach to empty late. This helps the person feel full for longer and eat less.

Gastric botox is a temporary procedure and its effects usually last between 6 months and 1 year. The procedure usually produces the most effective results when combined with oral medication or diet and exercise.

Who Can Have Stomach Botox in Antalya?

In Antalya, those who want to have gastric botox should generally apply to an obesity or dietitian specialist to evaluate its suitability. However, in general, people who are suitable for stomach botox can have the following features:

People who follow their diet and exercise routines regularly

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and other obesity-related health problems

However, not everyone can have stomach botox. For example, pregnant women, nursing mothers, those who are allergic to botulinum toxin or those who have some conditions related to the stomach and intestinal system may not be suitable for gastric botox.

Before embarking on any weight-loss procedure, such as stomach botox, it is important to seek the advice of a specialist and describe your medical history in detail.

Risks of Stomach Botox

Stomach botox is generally considered a safe procedure. But like any medical procedure, it has some risks. Possible risks that may occur during and after the stomach botox procedure are:

• Stomache ache

• Nausea and vomiting

• Difficulty in swallowing

• Diarrhea

• Difficulty urinating

• Allergic reactions due to botulinum toxin

• Bleeding, infection, swelling or bruising at the botulinum toxin injection site

Advantages of Stomach Botox

Stomach botox is a slimming procedure with some advantages. These may include:

Does not require surgery: Since gastric botox is not an invasive procedure like bariatric surgery, it is a lower-risk option without surgical risks and long recovery times.

A short-term procedure: Stomach botox typically takes about 20-30 minutes and after a few hours, patients can return to their normal activities.

Temporary effects: Botulinum toxin injections cause the muscles of the gastric to relax temporarily. This can help a person eat less and make them feel fuller for longer.

A wide range of applicability: Stomach stomach is an option for many people who are not suitable for bariatric surgery but want to lose weight.

However, gastric botox also has a number of risks and disadvantages, and before any weight loss procedure, it is important to consult a specialist based on your personal situation and health history.


Antalya Stomach Botox- Prices- Procedure
Antalya Stomach Botox– Prices- Procedure


How Much Weight Can I Lose With Gastric Botox?

When used in conjunction with stomach botox, diet and exercise, it can aid weight loss goals. However, how much weight you can lose with gastric botox depends on many factors, such as:

Body mass index (BMI): People with a higher BMI can lose more weight with stomach botox.

Age: Because age can affect your metabolic rate, older people generally lose less weight.

Nutrition: A healthy diet and regular exercise help with weight loss after gastric botox. However, weight loss results may be diminished if you do not make changes to your diet and exercise regimen.

Stomach botox sessions: Generally, gastric botox is applied every 3 to 6 months. Applying more than one session may aid further weight loss.

Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact figure about how much weight a person can lose. However, generally the average weight loss after gastric botox can be between 3 and 10 kilos in people with a BMI below 30, and between 10 and 15 kilos in people with a BMI over 30.

However, the gastric botox procedure can be used not only for weight loss but also to manage obesity-related health problems. Therefore, to get the best results for stomach botox, it is important to talk to a healthcare professional and change your diet and exercise regimen.

Stomach Botox Turkey

Gastric botox is a procedure offered in many health centers and private clinics in Turkey. Stomach botox service is provided in many health institutions, especially in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Bursa.

Gastric botox procedure is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey. This is because the procedure is less invasive, has no surgical risks, and has shorter recovery times.

Why Do People Prefer Antalya Stomach Botox?

Antalya is a city located on the south coast of Turkey and is very important in terms of tourism. Antalya is frequently visited by both domestic and foreign tourists and is becoming very popular in terms of health tourism. Here are the reasons why people prefer Antalya stomach botox:

Quality health services: There are many famous hospitals, clinics and health centers in Antalya. These health institutions provide quality health services at international standards and use state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Affordable prices: Antalya is a more affordable city compared to other parts of Turkey. Therefore, fees are usually lower for aesthetic and medical procedures such as stomach botox.

Beautiful climate and natural beauties: Antalya is a holiday destination preferred by tourists due to its natural beauties, historical sites and warm climate. Also, people traveling for a procedure such as gastric botox can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and climate of Antalya.

High quality holiday opportunities: Antalya is a region that is frequently preferred not only for health tourism but also for vacation. There are many luxury hotels and holiday villages in Antalya. Therefore, people can take advantage of the opportunity to take a vacation while traveling to Antalya for the gastric botox procedure.

For all these reasons, Antalya stomach botox is preferred by many people, both at home and abroad. However, prior to any healthcare procedure, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional and select the appropriate institutions.

Best Surgeons for Stomach Botox in Antalya

There are many options for those who want to do gastric botox in Antalya. However, some features should be considered in order to choose the best surgeon. Here are the best surgeon features for stomach botox in Antalya:

Specialization: The best surgeons should specialize in a procedure such as gastric botox. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the surgeon is experienced and competent.

References: Checking references and feedback from the surgeon’s previous patients gives you an insight into the surgeon’s skills and craftsmanship.

Licenses and certifications: The surgeon must have valid licenses and certifications. This indicates that the surgeon has received appropriate training and can perform the procedure correctly.

Communication skills: It is important for the surgeon to be able to communicate clearly and understandably, answering patients’ questions and easing concerns when necessary.

Recovery process: A good surgeon should also be involved in the recovery process of the patient and offer the necessary support and advice.

Hygiene and sterilization: The surgeon should be sensitive about sterilization, hygiene and infection control and take the necessary precautions during the procedure.

Follow-up and control: The surgeon should follow the patient regularly after the procedure and make the necessary controls and interventions.

Considering these features, it is recommended to do research and consult with many surgeons to choose the best surgeon for gastric botox in Antalya.


Antalya Stomach Botox- Prices- Procedure
Antalya Stomach Botox- Prices- Procedure


Stomach Botox Prices Antalya

Gastric botox prices may vary depending on many factors such as the place of application, the experience and expertise of the surgeon, the difficulty of the procedure and the needs of the patient. Stomach botox prices in Antalya usually start from 650 Euros. These prices are determined by the surgeon during the pre-procedural consultation. However, besides the price, other factors such as the surgeon’s experience, references, and the safety and effectiveness of the procedure must be considered.

Antalya Stomach Botox Clinics

There are many Stomach Botox Clinics in Antalya. These clinics can be found in different counties. Some stomach botox clinics and their districts are as follows:

Lara: Lara is one of the touristic centers of Antalya and there are many stomach botox clinics.

Konyaaltı: Konyaaltı is a district close to the center of Antalya and offers many options for stomach botox.

Kepez: Kepez is one of the biggest districts of Antalya and there are many health clinics.

Muratpaşa: Muratpaşa is one of the oldest districts of Antalya and there are many medical centers and clinics.

Manavgat: Manavgat is a district located in the west of Antalya and has many aesthetic clinics.

A list of stomach botox clinics located in these counties can be found through internet searches or local health directories.

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