Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

What Causes Hair Loss?

(Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey)

Hair loss can be caused by many different reasons. These may include genetic factors, hormonal changes, aging, stress, nutritional disorders, drug use, hair care products, medical problems and environmental factors that damage hair follicles. In addition, some health problems such as pregnancy and postpartum hormonal changes, use of birth control pills, thyroid problems, polycystic ovary syndrome can also cause hair loss.

There are types of hair loss such as male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness and alopecia. Male pattern baldness is a type caused by genetic factors and is more common in men. Female pattern baldness can be caused by hormonal changes or menopause and is more common in women. Alopecia, on the other hand, is a type in which the immune system affects hair follicles and can be seen at any age.

Hair loss can negatively affect a person’s self-confidence and psychological health. However, hair loss is a treatable problem and hair transplant centers in Turkey offer many different treatment methods to solve this problem.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting some or all of their hair follicles to bald or sparse areas to people who have hair loss problems such as baldness or sparse hair. Thanks to this process, a natural and permanent hairline is created in balding or sparse areas.

Hair transplantation is usually performed under local anesthesia and is a surgical procedure. There are two main transplantation Hair methods: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The FUT method involves surgically removing a strip of scalp and then separating the hair follicles from this strip. The FUE method, on the other hand, involves taking and transplanting hair follicles one by one. The FUE method is a less invasive method and leaves less scars.

Hair transplantation, when done properly, can provide permanent results and create natural-looking hair. However, proper care is required after the procedure and the results may vary depending on the genetic makeup of the person, the hair quality and the experience of the surgeon.



Hair Transplant Types

Hair transplantation can be done using different techniques and methods. Here are the types of transplantation hair:

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): FUT involves surgically removing a strip of scalp instead of removing hair follicles one by one and then separating the hair follicles from this strip. In this method, a large amount of hair follicles can be collected and may be suitable for larger hair loss problems.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): FUE involves taking and transplanting hair follicles one by one. In this method, a less invasive technique is used and leaves less scars. FUE is usually used for smaller hair loss issues.

Half FUE: Half FUE is a slightly modified version of the FUT method. Here, hair follicles are removed from a smaller area and transplanted instead of strip removal.

Direct hair transplantation: In this method, hair follicles are placed directly on balding or sparse areas. This method is a less invasive method as there is no hair follicle collection required for transplantation hair.

Synthetic hair transplantation: In this method, synthetic hair follicles are used instead of fake hair follicles made of human hair. This method may be less successful than natural hair transplant results and is generally less preferred.

The most suitable method for transplantation hair depends on the degree of hair loss, hair quality, hair color and other factors.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Prices

Hair transplant prices may vary depending on various factors. Here are the factors that affect transplantation hair prices:

Hair transplantation method: There may be different prices between transplantation hair methods. For example, the FUE method is generally more expensive than the FUT method.

Hair loss degree: Hair transplantation prices can be determined according to the degree of hair loss. Prices may be higher as a person with more hair loss will need more hair follicle transplants.

Number of grafts: The number of grafts is another factor affecting the price of transplantation hair. A procedure that requires a larger number of grafts will be more expensive.

Experience of the clinic or doctor: The experience of the clinic or doctor performing the transplantation hair can also affect the prices. Experienced and renowned doctors can often have higher prices.

Equipment used: Equipment used in transplantation hair can also affect prices. Prices may be higher when more modern and advanced equipment is used.

Location: The place where you want to have a transplantation hair can also affect the prices. Especially in countries like Turkey, which are popular for hair transplantation, prices can usually be more affordable.

Additional services: Some clinics offer additional services along with the transplantation hair procedure. These services may include, for example, transfer and accommodation options. The availability of these services may affect prices.

Health status: There are some tests that should be done before transplantation hair. As a result of these tests, it is decided whether you are in good health or not. Note that these tests can also affect prices.


Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey
Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey


Tips for Hair Transplantation in Turkey

If you want to have a hair transplant in Turkey, it may be helpful to pay attention to some tips before the procedure. Here are the tips for having a transplantation hair in Turkey:

Choose a quality clinic or doctor: There are many Hair Transplant centers in Turkey. However, take care to choose a quality and reliable clinic or doctor by doing a good research before the procedure.

Choose an experienced doctor: Hair transplantation is a very sensitive procedure. It is important that the doctor who will perform the procedure is experienced and specialized in order to achieve a successful result.

Examine the references: Examine the references about the previous procedures of the clinic or doctor you want to have a transplantation hair procedure. This can help you detect potential post-processing problems in advance.

Talk to your doctor before the procedure: Before the transplantation hair procedure, consult your doctor to get detailed information about the procedure. Having information about the processing time and what needs to be done after the procedure can make the process easier.

Be prepared for the post-procedure period: There are some issues that you should be careful about in the post-hair transplant period. Get information from your doctor about these issues and be prepared for the post-procedure period.

Make a good choice for transfer and accommodation: If you are going to Turkey for transplantation hair, you may need to consider issues such as transfer and accommodation. By choosing a good transfer and accommodation, you can make the process more comfortable.

Contact for post-procedure follow-up: Contact your doctor for follow-up after transplantation hair. It is important for a healthier recovery process to detect problems that may occur in the post-procedure period and to take the necessary precautions.

Turkey’s Best Hair Transplant Clinics

There are many quality hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Although it is difficult to give an exact answer as to which city has the best hair transplant clinics, there are many quality and experienced hair transplant clinics in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. In addition, there are quality hair transplant centers in cities such as Antalya, Bursa, Adana and Gaziantep.

Is It Possible to Have Successful Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

It is possible to have a successful transplantation hair in Turkey. Turkey has gained a worldwide reputation in terms of hair transplant tourism in recent years and there are many quality transplantation hair clinics. Turkish doctors and transplantation hair specialists have received world-class training and are able to apply modern techniques. In addition, transplantation hair in Turkey is generally more affordable than in other countries. However, as with any medical procedure, transplantation hair should be done carefully and the right techniques should be used.

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