Cost of 5000 Graft Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair Transplant All Inclusive Packages

Hair transplantation all-inclusive packages are a package that includes all the services that may be needed during the hair transplantation process. These packages usually include a range of services such as hair transplant, accommodation, transfers, medications, additional care and support services. Hair transplant all-inclusive packages are offered for hair transplant in many countries such as Turkey. Turkey has become a popular destination for hair transplants and offers many patients attractive prices, high quality services and experienced hair transplant specialists. In Turkey, hair transplant all-inclusive packages usually include a range of services such as hotel accommodation, transfers, meals, medical examination, hair transplant procedure, additional care and support services.

One of the advantages of all-inclusive packages is that all the services needed during the process are provided in a single package. This ensures that patients do not face additional costs during the procedure. In addition, patients do not have to deal with travel and accommodation problems as other services such as hotel accommodation and transfer services are also part of the package. However, hair transplant all-inclusive packages may also have disadvantages. Some packages may not cover or be insufficient for services needed during the process. In addition, additional fees may apply for special services that some patients may require. Therefore, before choosing all-inclusive packages, it is important to carefully examine the scope of services offered and find out the fees for any additional services you may need. As a result, hair transplant all-inclusive packages are an option that covers all the services that may be needed during the hair transplant process.


Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplantation


Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

The hair transplant procedure in Turkey usually consists of three steps: consultation, hair transplant procedure and recovery process.

Consultation: Before the hair transplant procedure, patients usually have a consultation meeting. During this interview, the hair transplant specialist evaluates the patient’s hair condition and needs. The most appropriate hair transplant method is determined by considering the patient’s hair structure, shedding level and the area where the hair will be placed. Patients are also informed about the details and results of the procedure.

Hair Transplantation Procedure: Hair transplantation is usually performed under local anesthesia and takes 4-8 hours. During the procedure, the hair transplant specialist removes grafts (hair follicles) from the scalp and then attaches them to the area where the hair will be placed. Grafts are usually placed individually or in groups, creating a pattern that mimics the natural shape of the hair. Different hair transplantation techniques such as FUE and FUT can be used.

Healing Process: After hair transplantation, patients may experience swelling and tenderness on the scalp, usually for a few days. After the procedure, the healing process begins within a few days, and after about 2 weeks, it is expected that the hair will start to grow properly. However, it may take 6 months to 1 year for the hair to grow completely.

Hair transplant operations in Turkey are generally performed by experienced and expert hair transplant doctors and are carried out in modern facilities. In the period after hair transplantation, patients should act as recommended by the doctor and take care of the hair until it is completely healed.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

The cost of hair transplant procedures in Turkey may vary depending on many factors. These factors include the hair transplant method, the technology used, the location of the hospital, the doctor’s experience, the number of grafts, and the patient’s hair loss status. Generally, the average prices for hair transplantation in Turkey start from 1400 euros. Procedures that require a higher number of grafts and use the FUT hair transplant method may have higher prices. Some hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages and these packages cover all expenses of the patient, including accommodation, transfer and meals, as well as the hair transplant procedure. On the other hand, the costs of hair transplant procedures in Turkey may be more affordable when compared to other countries. Therefore, having a hair transplant in Turkey has become an option preferred by many patients from abroad.

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