How is the IVF Treatment Process in Turkey?

The IVF treatment process in Turkey usually consists of the following steps:

Application and Preliminary Evaluation: First, the patient applies to an ivf center for IVF treatment and allows their doctor to make a preliminary evaluation. This evaluation is made to determine the general health status of the patient, whether he is suitable for IVF Treatment Process and, if necessary, the tests that should be done to his wife / partner.

Medications: If it is determined that the patient needs to take medications to stimulate the ovaries, the use of medications is started. Medicines will help the ovaries produce more eggs and therefore collect more eggs.

Egg Collection: With the ovaries overproducing as a result of the warning of the drugs, the egg collection process is performed from the ovaries. Egg retrieval should not be considered a surgical procedure and is usually done under local anaesthesia.

Sperm Collection: Spouse/partner must do sperm collection. If sperm is not required, sperm collected from a previous cycle can be used.

Embryo Formation: Embryo is formed by combining egg and sperm. After the embryo is created, the best quality embryo is selected for transfer.

Embryo Transfer: The best quality embryo is transferred to the patient’s uterus. Usually after a few days, you can see whether you are pregnant or not.

Pregnancy Test: A few days after embryo transfer, a pregnancy test is done to determine if the patient is pregnant.

Follow-up: If pregnant, IVF Treatment Process will be followed according to the progress of the pregnancy and doctors will intervene when necessary.

During the progression of the pregnancy, checks and tests by doctors are done to determine whether the pregnancy will continue and the birth will be healthy.

How Many Days Are Required for IVF Treatment in Turkey?

The duration of IVF treatment in Turkey may vary from person to person and may vary according to the patient’s condition. The duration of treatment may include the patient’s state of health, the tests that need to be done, the number of eggs in the ovaries, the embryo formation and transfer process, and other factors. In general, IVF treatment can take several weeks or months. Your doctors can give you more detailed information about the exact duration of treatment.


IVF treatment
IVF treatment


What Should You Consider When Choosing IVF Treatment Clinics?

When choosing a clinic for IVF treatment, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Experience of Doctors: The experience and success rates of the doctors in the clinic you choose are important in IVF treatment. The fact that doctors have done IVF Treatment Process for years and has high success rates will help you make your choice.

Clinical Infrastructure: The quality of the clinic’s technological equipment, laboratories and working environment may also affect your choice. Equipped with the latest technological equipment in the clinic and the laboratory can increase the success rate of the treatment.

Success Rates: The clinic’s past IVF success rates may also affect your choice. You can find these rates on the website of the clinic or in the information given by the doctors.

Support Services: The quality of support services in the clinic is also important. Patient counselors, psychological support services, and other services at the clinic can assist you.

Prices and Payment Options: IVF treatment is usually an expensive procedure and prices vary in different clinics. At the same time, the payment options offered at the clinic may affect your choice.

By paying attention to these factors, choosing the most suitable clinic for you can help you have a higher success rate. You can benefit from the privileges by contacting us.

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